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Repositioning the scar line to the tip; how I restored.

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  • Repositioning the scar line to the tip; how I restored.

    When I started restoring, it seemed logical to move, or reposition, the scar line to the tip of the penis. The thought behind this was, if the nerves that used to feed the original prepuce still reside under the scar line, why not move them towards the tip, and recreate the same sensitive tip like an intact dude possesses, or something close to it. With that in mind, I made sure that I always tugged the scar line during my manual tugging sessions. By tugging the scar line, I made sure the inner and outer skins were tugged evenly, as well as the nerve terminals under it.

    My routine went like this; tugged for 2 minutes on the hour, all day long. This regime works great because you stress the skin for 2 minutes, then let it rest for an hour before the next tugging session. Since I started as a CI-3, and since I did not have skin to grab when erect, tugging while flaccid was the only way to go. Also, because most of my tugging was done during washroom visits at work, having short tugging sessions kept my erections to a minimum. I also made sure to tug with enough tension so that my skin would burn slightly after each tugging session. At home, I tugged as often as my skin would tolerate. I would end up with a slightly sore skin by night time, but that gave me assurance that the skin got stressed nicely to encourage growth. And both skins grew evenly.

    Once I reached a CI-4, I started training my foreskin to wear an o-ring. At first, I could only wear an o-ring for a few minutes, so I took it off, letting the skin rest for a short while, then put on the ring again. And so I went until I could wear the o-ring for 30 minutes, then for an hour. Yes, it would come off by itself every so often, but I was determined and put it on again as soon as I could find a washroom to do so. Obviously, wearing briefs is crucial at this stage. This exercise took several days. And this arrangement turned out perfectly because I also noticed that wearing an o-ring for longer than an hour without removing it for a short period, would cause dry skin patches on the foreskin. So, tugging hourly with having to remove the ring allowed the skin to breath at the right times.

    And as the skin continued to grow, I continued adding more o-rings to my foreskin. I learned to pull inner skin through the ring to make sure both skins will grow evenly, keeping in mind to maintain my scar line at the very tip of my forming prepuce. I also learned to tug my skin while wearing rings. I tugged behind the ring and the "rosebud" of skin in front of the rings.

    Then I started to combine my usual tugging routine with the Squeeze-Stretch method, but I added a literal twist to the process. I pulled and twisted my foreskin for 2 or 3 minutes per session on an hourly basis. And slowly, I used method 3 less and less, while using my Pull and Twist method more and more. Currently, I wear 10 o-rings during the day, and 5 rings at night. With 5 rings at night, my nocturnal erections do the tugging for me while I sleep. Basically, I'm tugging 24/7 one way or another.

    I am now a CI-8+, and I'm working to achieve full erect coverage or a Ci-9+. I'd love to be a 10, but that will require another 2 years of tugging, and I want to stop at some point. I'm giving myself another year to reach a 9, and that will be it.

    I also have to keep in mind that, once I achieve my goal, I have to continue tugging past that point due to the fact that, when you stop tugging for good, the skin retracts about 10%. So, if this is true from what I've read online I have to have 10% skin past my goal, so my goal stays put.

    Currently, what used to be my scar line is the very tip of my foreskin, and slightly covered by outer skin when flaccid. This makes for a very erotically sensitive akroposthion.
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    You have an interesting nickname! I think long akroposthion is one of the most lovely thing on a man. :)


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      I agree.


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        I too concur.


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          Great routine