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    Hey everyone,

    I am an official representative from Foregen’s Media Team, and I’m here to answer anyone’s questions and concerns about Foregen.

    For those that do not know Foregen is a biomedical company using regenerative medicine to restore the male foreskin lost in circumcision. Our goal is to make all those men that lament their circumcision whole again.

    Currently we are projected to begin clinical trials in 2019 and potentially make the whole procedure available for the public in 2020.

    We have featured in several articles for media outlets, such as The Young Turks, Vice, Jezebel, and the Daily Mail.

    We deeply appreciate the work done by activists, and understand and appreciate those that are using restoring methods currently available. In respect to this we are reaching out and hope to inform and update you on the progress Foregen has achieved.

    This is just a short introduction. Later we can post a more comprehensive FAQ to cover our most frequently asked questions, or you can check out our FAQ on reddit. You can also look at our main site, and learn about regenerative medicine. We also accept and encourage any questions you have for us.


    The Foregen Media Team.
    Foregen, Promoting genital integrity through regenerative medicine.

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    Why aren't you transparent as a company? Not much media coverage, updates, etc. I think your public image MUST change so you don't come across as a sham.


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      Info I second and couldn't have put it better myself


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        I hope this ends up happening, because I know there are guys out there that would do this surgery.
        Personally, I don't think I would. Having that area cut once was enough, and the price certainly doesn't help.


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          Originally posted by The Metal One View Post
          I hope this ends up happening, because I know there are guys out there that would do this surgery.
          Personally, I don't think I would. Having that area cut once was enough, and the price certainly doesn't help.
          Yeah, but maybe, someday, there will be a fund set up to cover the cost. Those bastard insurance companies, the doctors themselves and the medical establishment in general should foot the bill via class action lawsuit.


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            Hi Info ,

            I'm happy to answer your questions. Part of setting up this account is to build more transparency and more visibility.

            1. What is the definition of a "biomedical company"? Are you referring to Foregen as a "biomedical company"? If so, has Foregen been granted the licenses before any trials have been done, and before any success has been reached? What has Foregen done in the past to be called a biomedical company?

            By biomedical research company we mean an organization that is working towards developing a therapy to regrow human foreskins and reattach them using regenerative medicine technology, in this case stem cells. We have contracts with a lab called the Cell Factory in Cessena, Italy. If you're interested I can attach some pictures in a google drive file of a brochure from the lab. Unfortunately I don't have a digital file available. The lead researcher for our scientific team is Dr. Elena Bondioli, who has over 10 years of experience decellularizing and regenerating skin and is the director of the skin regeneration facility. She is also assisted by Dr. Valeria Purpura, our head biotechnologist, with a Phd in modulation of cell growth factors, and is highly experienced in clinical regenerative techniques,

            2. What "regenerative medicine" is available currently, which would apply to a penis which has been circumcised? Are there any professional publications available relating to "foreskins" specifically?

            Foregen is currently the only organization working on the foreskin but there are many other companies and organizations working in regenerative medicine as a whole. A prominent institution in the U.S. is the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM), which is conducting research on numerous tissues and organs. I've posted a few of the articles summing up some of their research below, including erectile tissue, which is most relevant to us, as well as the regeneration and implantation of vaginal tissue and bladders.




            3. What is meant by "restore the male foreskin" specifically. In other words, what would this procedure involve? Surgery? If not, how are these manufactured foreskins attached? If you are referring to stem cell experimentation, how would that procedure be described?

            The procedure would involve acquiring a donor foreskin from a deceased male patient. This would be subjected to a process called decellularization which removes the DNA and cells from the donor reducing it to what is called an extra cellular matrix, or ECM for short, which is made up of non-living tissues and elements. The ECM is the blueprint, or the scaffold so to speak, and contains the instructions for the various structures of the foreskin. We would apply stem cells taken from the patient to the ECM along with a number of growth factors to regenerate the foreskin and its structures. This is what would then be reattached to the patient via microsurgery - we would have surgeons and doctors consulting with the patient to see what specifically needs to be done during the procedure. Keep in mind we will have a better idea of what to do for this once we are conducting human trials. Our next phase of research will be animal trials and regeneration of the foreskin; up until now we have been decellularizing foreskins and have done so successfully.

            4. What is meant by "clinical trials" specific to foreskins? What are the criteria for choosing a volunteer? Over how long a period of time are the trials conducted? Who has oversight?

            The criteria would of course be for a patient who has been circumcised - we would want mix of patients of the course of our trials, i.e. at different points in their life and ones that underwent different types of circumcision (methods used, like plastibell) They would need to be able to consent to be in the trial and be in good health so we could control other factors that would affect the trial. How long the trials would be conducted is something we'll have to answer once we get there and what happens during the course of the trials. We will be looking to do multiple phases and have more patients involved in each one so we have a robust set of empirical data to prove our procedure works as planned. Oversight would be the appropriate regulatory bodies in Italy (i.e. their equivalent of the FDA and other bodies) since our research is currently taking place in Italy and that's where the trial will likely be held.

            5. Where would any of this take place? Italy? The US? A third country?

            As I mentioned in the previous question our research is currently being conducted and will continue to be in Italy.

            6. How can an experimental procedure "be available to the public" only a year after trials? Does Italy have a similar process for applying for licenses, etc, as the US has? Would this include any application of licensing by a tissue manufacturer?

            So yes, this timeline is an estimate for now so it might take longer than we expect we can't guarantee this date and in our posts on social media and our announcements in general we've made it clear that our dates are projections and estimates. This is simply the nature of science and we want to make sure everything is done properly so the procedure meets expectations in terms of safety and patient satisfaction

            7. Who will manufacture any product which comes out of these trials, so that a procedure to "restore" a foreskin can be available to the public?

            Our plan is to create a production plant to process the decellularlized foreskins and ship to them where they are needed. As we grow bigger and become available in other countries we will of course be able to expand on the facilities we have and service more patients.

            8. Who from the general public would not be appropriate to receive a "restored foreskin"?

            I assume you mean who wouldn't be physically capable of it? Our goal really is to make it to available as many people as possible, which includes restored or restoring men. If we have to develop a specialized procedure for them then that's something we'll definitely do. We want to work with people as well who may have suffered other damage as a result of a botched circumcision and reverse as much of that damage as possible.

            9. As all of this is experimental, what happens if what was tried during the trials is problematic, and fails? How are volunteers for trials protected and compensated for failure?

            People who volunteer for the trials can back out any time if they wish if they don't feel comfortable with the process or the risks involved. Since this is experimental patients will of course be informed of the potential risks and dangers before the trials take place so they know what they are consenting too. We will also likely set up some form of compensation as you mentioned - keep in mind this is when we're closer to the trials and we can be more specific.

            10. What is the projected cost for the entire process, or any part of your plans?

            At the moment we're estimating +/-$10,000 for the cost. Again this is an estimate since we can't no the exact amount until our research is finished and other factors are taken into account. The price will of course come down over time as with other technologies that are relatively new. We also want to make payment plans available to make the procedure more accessible, so patients won't have to pay the full cost upfront.


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              Our org page isn’t updated as often but we do post on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit quite frequently, and on our YouTube channel and Instagram, although those not as often. I attached links to those below:


              Many of us at Foregen are volunteers so we can’t necessarily be posting every day as we have other things going on in our daily lives, even though we would like to. It can be difficult to get funding – right now we average about $10,000 a month which is good and has gotten us quite far but covers mostly our cost of research which is the most important part of course. I can also provide a graph of the monthly donations we’ve received if you’re interested and for transparency purposes too.
              I should also add that we’re going to be putting out a monthly newsletter- we just sent one a few days ago – which I also pasted below if you’re interested in reading. This should help issues of transparency that some people have mentioned. I can of course clarify any questions or concerns you have.

              Dear Foregen Supporters,

              This is an introduction to something new and exciting that we’d like start! We'd like to announce that we'll now be sending out a bimonthly newsletter, The Foregen Future. We recognize the importance of each and every one of our supporters and donors and we want to better update you all on important information. This will serve as a summary for everything we’ve done over a two month period, even for those of you who check social media often or that prefer email for communication.

              The Foregen newsletter has three aims: First, to satisfy current supporters and donor requests for updates. Second, so we can provide reassuring updates and news to keep everyone engaged in Foregen’s work. Third, we hope with this newsletter project to encourage readers to participate in activism, and to direct these efforts to help push our cause forward. Also, if you happen to find content that you think may be of interest to us, send it our way and we might include it in our newsletter or social media postings!

              The majority of the newsletter will consist of content similar to that produced by a newspaper. We will be providing information on news or updates from Foregen, which could be a breakthrough, or events, such as the gay pride celebration coming up in NYC. We’d also like to include news or updates from the wider intactivist community; for example the documentary American Circumcision that Brendon Marotta is working on. There will of course be other topics besides these, but this is simply to give you all an idea.

              Now we’d like to review a few of the important things that have occurred over the past few months.

              • We’ve booked a booth and will be attending the NYC Gay Pride Celebration to help spread the word about Foregen’s mission. We’ll have Foregen members and volunteers there as well as people marching with Intact America. We’ll have flyers and information to hand so hopefully we’ll see an influx in supporters and donations!
              • We hit our second biggest month for donations in May with a total of $9,633, almost half of our monthly goal.
              • We announced that our lab work should be done in June with a publication coming in July of this year.
              • We added Julian, our new Instagram lead to help with our social media outreach effort and gain new supporters
              • We also added Robert, our new Director of Events who will enable Foregen to spread it’s message even further
              • Made connections to help us facilitate our eventual conversion to a for-profit organization and continue our research
              • To date we’ve raised $191,005, along with $40,000 from the HuFo kickstarter in 2015, for over $230,000
              • We’ve added over 1,000 supporters on our Nation Builder platform since the beginning of this year (used for keeping track of our base and maintaining our website) along with other growth across our other social media platforms. One of the biggest has been Reddit - /r/Foregen - growing from 186 on June 15th, 2016 to 723 on the same day this year, a 537 increase!

              Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed it. If you like what we’re doing please head over to our website and consider making a donation. Forward this newsletter to a friend as well if you think they would be interested! If you’re already a donor and supporter, thank you for your contributions, and we look forward to what the future holds for us together!

              The Foregen Team


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                Awesome! Just what we needed to hear. It appears that your fund raising is lacking severely. Perhaps you should reach out to a bunch of potential wealthy investors. Unfortunately, that's not me, but if I ever DO win the lotto, you'll be at the top of my donation list and it will be HUGE!