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    Last edited by Simchhh; 05-31-2019, 05:40 AM.

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    Believe it when I see real results.


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      Originally posted by Simchhh

      You're right. Their credibility of estimates is poor. Anyway, counting on development in science, when do you think procedure or 3d printing of foreskin will be available, not necessary by Foregen?
      The technology to 3D print a foreskin scaffold upon which stem cells are infused exists now. Just need some real demand for it and a real developer.


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        My guess is that this technology, as a proven, well accepted alternative to what we do using tugging techniques, is many years away. That is because we do not, at least I do not, want merely any skin that covers my glans. Instead, I want a highly functioning foreskin with all its parts, that gives me sensations and functioning even more identical to what my original foreskin would have provided, compared to what we can do now with tugging. In other words, I want something that gives me better results than what I can achieve with our current tugging methods. And, at a price I can afford. That will take years to get approved, and document that it achieves better results.

        In the meantime, I would suggest continuing to tug. I have seen no information that that will cause any problem if you later go the Foragen route. And, in the meantime, you will reap the benefits you get along the way.



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          1. Check out what's number 1, then think about what foregen has produced since then; advances, or money collection stunts?

          2. Then look at their use of the beginning phrase "dermal'; is this correct? Do we restorers want to affect the dermis, or the EPIDERMIS? "Skin" refers to the epidermis, NOT the "dermis", which lies UNDER the basal layer. You would think that these "cutting edge" money collectors would at least get the terms right. But then they aren't associated with mainstream regeneration Science.

          3. And notice that they state they are ruling YOU out (anyone out) for any "clinical trials". But don't feel cheated, they don't have any.