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  • Dorsal slit

    Hey guys,

    This is my first time to post on this forum. I had a dorsal slit done as a child and since then i’ve had about 90% or so of my foreskin tucked under my glans which to me is unsightly. A fully circumcised cock looks better than this but of course an intact cock is best.
    The flaps of foreskin on the underside of my glans are long enough and loose enough to wrap around the glans to reconstruct the foreskin to an almost intact appearance. I am willing to post pictures upon request.
    Apparently surgical methods are available but they are relatively rare as this is not a common procedure. I live in the U.K wherein I imagine there would be plastic surgeons who might be able to suture the flaps back to restore my foreskin. My concern would be the cost so if anybody knows anyone or anywhere I could refer myself to that would be great.

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    There have been several people on this forum in exactly your situation. A thorough search may give to some information. From what I remember, the reconstruction procedure works out quite well. Just make sure you find someone who has done several so he knows what he is doing. Cant believe they actually do that to people.


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      Hi parsecskin, thanks for your reply. I have looked up urology plastic surgeons in London who might be able to help. I have booked a consultation next week and hopefully the outcome is positive. The cost however will be an issue and I hope to spread out payment as I would really like to have this done.


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        I have been to see a urologist surgeon, he noted that the foreskin under my glans was mostly intact however the bit on top was partially removed. He mentioned a skin graft can be done using skin from my lower abdomen but he told me it would be more invasive, I may not be happy with the elasticity of the grafted skin during erection and it might not be aesthetically satisfactory noting differences in skin colour and the aforementioned elasticity issue. He recommended the use of restoration devices instead so I am starting to look at them now. I’m wondering which one to look for because I’m only looking to stretch the dorsal (top part of my foreskin) area.
        Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!