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Will Restorers be able to go through Stem Cell Restoration

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    Its even more complicated than that. Dont hold your bresth.


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      And...... if somebody insists, and they hold their breath so long that they pass out, and then dream about Foregen and their "reverse a circumcision" bullshit, that would STILL be more real than what that group says they will do. : )

      For anybody concerned: Foregen has nothing. They collect money, they talk, they stumble over scientific terms, proving they don't have a basic understanding of what they're trying to talk about. And, they run a small forum of believers. And that's it. End of story.

      If your money is hard-earned then I'd suggest you spend it on something else, because money does not buy successful research, and it will never buy a fantasy into reality. Fantasy begins and ends in it's own little world. Fantasies are easy to talk about, but impossible to realize in a hard copy.

      Reality is out here, with the rest of us (not to mention with the big players in the field) and reality is very, very far from what Foregen only promises, year after year ,after year, after............And they do it without actually describing ......anything.

      So tug. If it takes you 10 years, that'll be only 10 years, with effort towards a goal, and with real results suited EXACTLY to your own situation, without surgery, without great expense, without any bullshit promises about something that doesn't exist (hell, even they admit they don't have anything that exists).

      Tugging is real. With tugging you'll get real tissues, PRODUCED BY YOUR OWN BODY through natural physiological processes, and it happens without the use of a petri dish, scalpels, drugs, or some animal's useless, cell-stripped, used-to-be foreskin remnant. You will roll YOUR real tissues down into something that looks and acts as real as it will ever be, and you will experience real increases in function and sensation. And ... those results will begin to happen BEFORE those 10 years are up. Can't beat it. Foregen can't beat it, and never will.

      I suppose you can't call Foregen pro circumcision, but whether they say it or not, Foregen can be seen as effectively anti-restoration because they sell magic; qualified promises based on nothing real, that somebody else is supposed to wave their magic wand over. YOU make something happen. You can if you want. Thinking that they offer any sort of option, which will someday get all the way down to you personally, only gets in the way of what you can soon see and feel.

      So......wanna buy a fantasy? Or begin a reality. Seems simple to me.
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        Originally posted by parsecskin View Post
        IF Foregen ever gets their shit together and perfects this , it would only be logical that no matter how much or little skin a potential candidate has, that an area of skin starting right below the corona all the way around and down to below the scar line would have to be completely removed to make room for the seamless lab grown foreskin to be installed cleanly. Given Foregen's lack of communication of their progress and their overall shitty management, I wouldn't hold my breath for these guys. Just keep restoring. If they actually perfect this procedure, go for it!
        Were likely to invent time travel before foreign 'gets their shit together,' which would basically make foreign and foreskin restoration in general obsolete, we could just kill Kelog and never be mutilated to begin with. Not that this is likely to happen, but I'd rather put my money on time travel than on foregen to get my *real* foreskin back.


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          I'm with the {post #19}, that sounds like a good plan but first i'd go back and beat the life out of the doctor before he was about to circumcise me then go for kelog lol.

          The points I want to make though is If medicine gets that advanced that we can grow whole foreskins to graft onto men then why not be able to improve on the ones that have already restored? By the time i'll have finished restoring i'm going to have about 90% of what an intact guy has so I don't think that it wouldn't be difficult to just have a riged band grown and affixed along with some more nerves and mucosa? I'm sure that people will reply with some complicated information about "skin cell regeneration doesn't work like that" or "it'll leave nasty scarring" but what i'm talking about is completely hypothetical and as most have stated foregen is nowhere near foreskin regeneration and who knows? there could be major advances in science and medicine that could make what I described possible.
          Another problem I don't see most people consider is on guys that were circumcised as an infant, the scarring from the foreskin being ripped away from the glans will still remain, yea when you do restore and the glans dekeratinize the scars get smaller and less noticible but it'll never be the same as a OEM intact penis unless foregen comes up with someway to fix that which is an even bigger stretch (and don't even get me started on what to do with the guys that have little or no frenulum!). At that point you might as well have a whole new intact penis grown in a lab and get your whole dick chopped off and an new one popped on lol.

          The biggest thing i'm getting at here though is like most have stated there's no use waiting for a good surgical procedure to fix our penises, it may be a long time before it's possible, it may never be possible in our lifetimes maybe so if you want your foreskin back start tugging once you reach your goal you'll be so happy and relieved and wether you want to restore for sensitivity or the look of a intact penis or the feeling of wholeness, whatever your reason i'm sure once you restore you'll get what you wanted out of it.


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            I can't believe this stem cell B.S. and Foregen B.S. is still playing on our forums. It is done an dusted with anyone with the tiniest medical scientific fact based knowledge.
            Only the truly gullible and / or medically naive could believe in these lies - might as well have faith & believe in a foreskin fairy or aliens with super advanced medical advances that travel the galaxies on a mission to restore missing foreskins and can reconnect nerves etc. etc.

            Now back to reality .....
            Best options are:
            A) Do NOT circumcise your children.
            B) Keeping on tugging !

            C) Stay of the drugs (please) to avoid delusions of Foregen as it isn't ever going to happen in our life times or even our kids life time and if they grow a flap of skin, hard wiring nerves will be the next road block.