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  • Surgeons Who Perform Restoration

    Hello all,
    through much research, I am unable to find any surgeons who perform foreskin restoration surgery in the contenetal United States. Anyone familiar with the procedure being performed anywhere by anyone in the US?

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    Surgical restoration/reconstruction has not resulted in good outcomes. Everyone I can remember reporting their experience were unhappy wit the results. Non-surgical restoration, on the other hand, has resulted in good outcomes for everyone that continued long enough to get to their end goal. As a result, I doubt you will get recommendations for surgeons.

    Sometime, unknown when but probably years from know, there will most likely be an option to grow back your foreskin using tissue re-growing technologies just now becoming available.

    Have you thought about non-surgical restoration?



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      Any procedure which requires a surgeon does so usually because some type of tissue is being cut open and/or cut away. Cut or missing tissue results in scar tissue and severed nerves (decreased or zero sensation). This applies to any surgery I know of. And it applies to all of us here on this forum (circumcision). There is no easy way out.