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Restoring the foreskin stem cells

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  • Restoring the foreskin stem cells

    Restoring the foreskin stem cells.

    After cutting the sensitivity of the glans penis is reduced so that sex loses its former appeal.
    To return to enjoy sex, the foreskin should be returned to the place, so that it covers and protects the head.
    The sensitivity of the head as a result of gradually restored.

    Various technologies are fraught with repeated stretching of the skin inflammations, as extended under the skin there is a natural lubricant, antiseptic, smegma.

    Personally, I started with the method number 2, pulling the skin with his hands.

    Foreskin restoration by manual tugging with method two 2, which is manual restoring by tugging the foreskin of the penis of a circumcised or intact man.

    And even wrote Foreskin Restoration KIT.

    But by this time the place of circumcision inflamed and had to leave the venture to pull the skin.
    Powder from baneotsina removed the inflammation, but pulling on the skin, I did not.

    Finding other ways to return the foreskin to its place, they were unsuccessful.

    site was found an organization dedicated to only regenratsiey prepuce, with the patient by means of stem cells.
    What does not cause a reaction of rejection imunnogo new foreskin.

    This organization Foregen.

    Foregen is the world’s first and only organization using regenerative medicine to regrow the foreskin for circumcised men.

    its representative offices in Italy and in the United States.

    In Italy:

    Foregen Italy
    Via Antonio Locatelli 5,
    00136 Rome, Italy

    IN USA:

    Fong & Associates, CPAs
    2790 Skypark Drive, Suite 306
    Torrance, CA 90505
    Tel: (310) 507-7475

    By the way, growing foreskin similar operation and said Anthony Atala of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center (USA)

    Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist is a pre-eminent academic health system based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and part of Atrium Health Enterprise. Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist’s two main components are an integrated clinical system – anchored by Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, an 885-bed tertiary-care hospital in Winston-Salem – that includes Brenner Children’s Hospital, five community hospitals, more than 300 primary and specialty care locations and more than 2,700 physicians; and Wake Forest School of Medicine, the academic core of Atrium Health Enterprise and a recognized leader in experiential medical education and groundbreaking research that includes Wake Forest Innovations, a commercialization enterprise focused on advancing health care through new medical technologies and biomedical discovery.

    But at the moment they do not raise the foreskin.

    Thus, it is possible to enjoy sex again, as before.