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Just a thought... using transplants as a scaffold in stem cell technology

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  • Just a thought... using transplants as a scaffold in stem cell technology

    I have heard that the US Government is considering using transplants to rebuild men's penises damaged during war or other conflicts. One of the problems is the need for anti rejection drugs for the rest of life.
    I also know there are moves afoot to use stem cells to grow body parts, but one of the problems here is (I believe) that the more complex the part, the more difficult it is, as the scaffolds for example do not support the likes of veins and arteries, which have to grow into the new part after transplantation.

    So, I was wondering - what if a penis (or foreskin) was transplanted, but at the same time was seeded with stem cells from the recipient, which could gradually replace the donor's cells as they die off. No doubt anti rejection drugs would have to be used at first, then in reducing amounts to control the process. I realise there's more to it than this, but I'm just starting the process here.

    Is this feasible? Perhaps someone with much greater knowledge of the medical background could answer this rather simplistic question for me?

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    You've asked 3 questions. I'll answer the basic one: Nobody here can answer your questions about what is, or isn't, "feasible". Like you, we simply don't have the information. I suppose we could make stuff up, in a kind of fantasy where we pretend like we know what's feasible, But what good is that.

    And just as an aside: the idea of so-called, but non existent, "foreskin regeneration" (and stem cell research for that matter) has nothing to do with what is commonly "medical". Easily never will.
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      But, the donor as a scaffold, does not have bloodveins or nerves, does it? At least not attached and that you can actually feel something in it?

      What would happen over time? Nerves grow in it? Transgenders get more feeling in their genitals too after some time i thought, after the gender surgery?

      But do you even need a scaffold of a original foreskin then? Is 3D printing not an option to build up a foreskin out of own cells, let them grow, and put them on the penis? It's just skin... But foregen has to find a way to grow nerves too right?