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    I heard about this from reddit. Men from India practicing Jianism (digambara) religion seek a surgical method to keep penis glans from being exposed during sky-clad rituals.

    If i understand correctly, this gives the result of permanently non-retractable skin that's fused to glans. Sexual function didn't matter because celibate monks. Erections still worked.

    This is not the surgery you're looking for, but more noteworthy that there are religions that exclude "traditionally mutilated" men, and that this still isn't a viable alternative to getting a Working foreskin.

    Authors describe a novel procedure in a group of patients for prepuce reconstruction, ensuring complete glans penis coverage who had either been genitally mutilated in childhood or had congenitally short prepuce

    India has a rich cultural, religious, and social heritage and is the birthplace of many religions. Among these, there are many religious groups who need to shun all material objects including clothing. Any interaction with people, delivery of sermons, travel, etc. must be in cloth-less state. Many of the group members have a congenitally short prepuce, leaving a portion of glans exposed, or have undergone circumcision in childhood in villages for unknown indications. Among these groups, such a condition is considered an ineligibility.
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    Originally posted by Frizzen View Post
    "Many of the group members have a congenitally short prepuce"
    Not bloody likely. A short foreskin is probably due to Caregiver Foreskin Retraction which is never advisable: {}

    The global average age at which a healthy intact boy first sees his glans is 10.4 years.
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