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    After I gained some slack I found that black garden hose washers worked perfectly for retaining. I could never get a skin cone to stay on. A washer stays on overnight, even with nocturnal erections, and its cheap. I found them in a pack containing a dozen washers, half being the flat brown kind and half the rounded black kind that are just like O-rings. So use the brown ones for your hose and the black ones for your Hose!

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    Would you be willing to post an image that illustrates how you're using them to retain? I'm sort of confused how it works.


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      Just pull your foreskin over the glans and into and through the washer, or o-ring, so that it bunches up on the other side. The washer keeps the foreskin from slipping back behind the glans. As I said, you have to have enough slack to do this. Some men stack up several washers which supposedly serves to stretch the foreskin and spur skin growth like using a tugger. I just use a single washer as a retainer at night, and the TLC during the day. Here are some pix (that's not me, and I am not endorsing this site, just FYI. And it's "glans", not "glands")


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        Ohhh! Got it! Interesting, thanks . I wonder exactly how much slack skin you'd need to try this method, looks nifty .