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Retaining cone became cloudy - less grip

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  • Retaining cone became cloudy - less grip

    Hello all,

    I have a few TLC retaining cones that I use to stay covered up when not tugging. I've been using them for about a year now. I wash them regularly, but I've noticed they have been getting cloudy and less transparent slowly over time. They are much less tacky and grippy like this. A bit of the grippiness comes back after a wash in warm water, but it's not like new. I have ordered some new ones and they work great, but it would be great to continue using my old ones too.

    My question is: Any suggestions on how to bring the old cones back into better gripping condition? Can I wash them with something specific? Alcohol wipes? Maybe Acetone cleaner? I don't want to use anything that will ruin the Silicone. All tips appreciated!

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    Very common. CLEAN IT WITH DISH SOAP AND HOT WATER! Do this daily. I've got one that has been used A LOT. when it gets like that I clean it and it grips like new.


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      Originally posted by Reality
      I have an idea what's going on here, but if it's Ron's product then it's Ron's domain. If he doesn't see this, then PM him.
      Please, I would indeed appreciate hearing anything you might know about cured platinum-catalyzed RTV silicone degrading over time, or attracting and incorporating stuff out of the environment.

      TLC Tugger's silicone devices carry a full-year warranty. We recommend cleaning with plain soap and a soft toothbrush.
      -Ron Low
      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        I've noticed mine becoming slightly cloudy at the top of the cone, I've only had it a few months now. Since the cloudy part is at the top of the cone it doesn't seem to hurt anything because my skin isn't gripped there. By the way I've washed my tugger in soapy water, wiped it with iso alcohol and have used antibacterial sex toy cleaner for platinum cure toys and it doesn't seem to go away but i'll keep an eye on it.


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          I wouldn't suggest sandpaper or toothbrushes as abrasion with these would only increase the surface area that the bio proteins, or whatever is causing the cloudiness to occur, to increase and make the issue worse. I can't think of other type of processes that may take care of this; however, I'm thinking if soap and water doesn't work (which I've had two go cloudy on me over the last year or so) that maybe boiling the silicone may release some of the protein or at least denature and purify the silicone pores, which Reality mentioned. I haven't tried it, but I'm unsure that many other solutions (pun) may work. Only a suggestion of course, but I'd like to hear other solutions as this is a common issue for me.


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            I wash my grippers every other day in really hot water and Dawn dish washing detergent!! The cloudiness doesn't go away but the tackiness comes back!!


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              I wash mine every time I put it on with dish soap and hot water. Gotta have good grip so it doesn't slip.


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                I personally haven't experienced this problem.
                I have an older cone that has turned cloudy over time (5 years old), but it has never lost grip.

                Are you washing it with HOT soap and water? I find that if the water isn't hot, it is tough to get the skin oils off of the cone. (imagine bacon fat residue in a tupperware)

                How resistant is the silicone to water fluoridation? I have seen some rubber materials completely harden in some municipal water supplies over time.


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                  Get a good water filter that removes fluoride, chlorine and all that other crap. STOP drinking it immediately! Sodium Fluoride is a neurotoxin and a waste product of the paper industry. Chlorine isn't any better.