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Any retainers you can pee through?

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    Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
    But there seems to be users now that claim that retaining with O RINGS actually is a valid tugging method. Is this really what it is cracked up to be? I was under the impression the retaining is essentially useless other than giving the tugger some peace of mind and perhaps influencing the generation of new skin?
    Retaining isn't useless at all. Over time, it will help the glans and inner foreskin to regain sensitivity before any permanent coverage is achieved. I've done this for most times of the day when I wasn't tugging, and it's made a huge difference.

    O-rings have been used as a restoration device for many years now. While a single ring can put enough tension on the skin for those who are cut tightly, adding multiple o-rings becomes necessary as more skin is grown. You can put a sort of stopper in the end to keep them from falling off, as shown in this photo:


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      Originally posted by admin View Post

      Sure it is. It's a "packing" method.

      - high stress in the zone pressed on by the rings
      - any skin poking through the rings is under zero tension, so a lost opportunity for expansion
      - tension level is not experimentally variable in controlled increments (true for all packing methods)
      - finding the precisely correct size in skin-safe materials (solved at
      - compresses the penis shaft (true for all packing methods)
      Thanks for clearing this up. I guess it has some success, although I am skeptical of it's effectiveness. It makes sense producing phimosis, allowing the erection to do the work. I am waiting on progress pics for a user who has claimed to exclusively use ORINGS as a method.