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  • Silicone retainer

    Just wanted to share a cheap and effective retaining option I have been using.

    You can get silicone toe sleeves for people with painful foot and toe issues.

    They are basically just a soft silicone tube that covers the glans and remaining inner skin, after using them when I’m not tugging and preventing my penis from touching fabric I noticed a definite change in color, shininess and sensitivity.

    They stay on with erections and expand easily, as long as they stay dry they grip really well and are very comfortable.

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    Thanks for the tip, it is good to find out that those toe protectors can be a good option.



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      Very helpful tip, Trevor, thank you! I immediately ordered a set, which arrived today, and slipped one on. It stays on much better than my TLC cone. My TLC cone did stay on, unless I was doing a lot of moving up and down, which I do a lot. So, I had quit using it during the day (I tug overnight), and had accepted that I would not get glans coverage until I fully grew my foreskin. Great to see that I can get glans coverage -- and return of softness and sensitivity -- now. Again, thanks for the tip!


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        Thanks for the tip, I have been wondering how to make something like this. Was experimenting with "fingers" off a plastic golve but this sounds much cleaner and better.
        One question though - how do you fit your penis (with foreskin in intended position) through it?


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          I hold the silicone in one hand with my thumb and 3 fingers holding it open. With the other hand I roll my skin forward and then grab my penis through the silicone and roll the silicone down to hold my foreskin forward.


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            I tried these but they weren't big enough, and I'm not even that big. How big is the opening?
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