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Custom medical grade device

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  • Incomplete
    Thanks. But I am not interested so much in more skin because during sex I prefer to have the glans exposed during forward and backward motion. Plus the sensitivity of protected glans. So its a win win for me.

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  • The Metal One
    Interesting project. If I had your skills, I'd probably invent my own dual-tension device.

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  • Incomplete
    started a topic Custom medical grade device

    Custom medical grade device

    Sensitivity gains immediately. Medical grade plastic used as a glans covering. Results: Feels amazingly comfortable, protects the delicate skin, and increases sensitivity and penile health.

    Hi, I have been working with my hands creating things for many, many years. I have been working in a dental laboratory which give me the experience to make a high quality, safe, and effective covering for sensitive areas. I can post the details of the plastic later, but what I feel is best for me is the rigid, impact resistant, 3mm thick covering. There is something very cool about the thickness and weight of this protective cover that can not be put into words. Its like a space helmet for the tip of my penis. Its so comfortable, I can forget I am wearing it, but there is a real 'comfortable, slighty cozy feeling to it. I can only compare it to putting on some really nice socks onto your bare feet. Its not like feeling nothing...its the feeling of true comfort on my penis. It feels like what I have been missing.

    It all starts with a model. I made several models from silicone and alginate... they work. For this purpose alginate is sufficient.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210423_095006.jpg
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    I have made several models, several trials to get this right. What I have learned is, that the model from the silicone/alginate cast needs to be worked to get a good fit. Just making a model is not enough. If you make the covering from the direct model, problems arise. Mainly because the covering does not fit snugly, and air quickly seeps in making it lose contact, and starts to fall off. So I have found that I must make the model more ideal for the job, before the covering is made. So after consideration and the right modifications, we can move onto making the medical grade covering.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210423_100514.jpg
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ID:	52162 Then it is trimmed to whatever shaft length I desire. The model is carefully and painstakingly removed... Click image for larger version

Name:	20210423_130431.jpg
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ID:	52163 Then we have a 3mm thick custom fitting ideal helmet covering. Wow...look at that!!!! Can you imagine the sheer joy of having this???

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210423_131322.jpg
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ID:	52164It feels so great. So comfortable. I use this with a nice lotion. The sensitivity gains came fairly quick for me. After 3 days I could feel enhanced sensitivity. After a week, a little more. Now sex and masturbating feels even better. I am so happy with this that I had to share it.

    So, you may want to build one of these premium helmets. I say go for it. It will take a lot of time and trial and error, but the benefits are well worth it. I thoughy about offering to make them for others, but the work and effort involved is big. Our penis is as different as we are. No mass produced item will work like this. Plus, It would not be cheap. If I sit down and figure the price, it seems a lot to me, but then again, seems like eveeything is expensive to me since I do not have much. But a medical grade quality cutom made device should not be cheap. So I thought I would encourage those with the tools, materials, the skill, and the desire to go ahead. If you find yourself wanting one, you can always contact me. We can have a chat.

    Thank you.
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