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    Be cautious as to what size O-ring you choose especially if you are in the early stages and have to pull a substantial amount of skin forward to cover the glans. I have been wearing a 7/8" id O-ring for 4 years, and have not seen any new skin growth from my tugging efforts since. Before the O-ring I made pretty good progress. I thought it was just a frustrating stage I was in like the hump, but the other day I decided to up the size of my O-ring to a 1" id ring, and wow it made a world of difference. Skin looks and feels way more healthy, and also my progress seems to be moving forward again even my wife has been making comments on how different it is. I'm kinda pissed that I wasted all that effort, but glad I figured it out at the same time lol just something I thought was interesting and maybe someone else may be able to benefit from. The ring appeared to fit just fine btw.