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Silicone rings - fore fingers and foreskin

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  • Silicone rings - fore fingers and foreskin

    Here's a little different take on the standard boring Plumbing O-ring retainer.

    For people who work do or with dangerous things but still want to wear jewelry, the Silicone Ring market has gotten pretty big in the last few years. Lots of available styles, patterns, colors, price ranges...

    Silicone rings for fingers

    Ring-sizer if you aren't sure what you need

    You can find these rings with the Inside Diameters flat or textured. They grip better than the round o-ring profile. These are able to stretch some. Stays on much better when wet. They don't have to constrict as much to hold, so you don't end up with quite as much of the 'Bouquet of Foreskin' look.

    The size numbering conversion isn't direct so i included a ring sizer link. i normally wear a Buna-N o-ring "#15", or between size 10-11.5 rings intended for fingers in Silicone, Stainless steel, Gold, Bronze...
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    Thanks Frizzen I may have to order these they sound good .