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  • How Long Does It Take?

    I was wondering how long it takes the glans to go back as close as possible to its natural state once full restoration is achieved. Specifically in regards to usings things like senslip or manhood to speed up the process.

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    Between 3 and 5 years depending on the result you want, I have heard of guys that have achieved an acceptable result in 12-18 months but I'd say these sort of guys are the exception rather than the rule.
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      Originally posted by dragons View Post
      Between 3 and 5 years . . .
      Or much longer depending on a lot of things, including but not limited to how consistently you tug and your skin type.


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        Based on successful restorers reports, you will not maximize dekeratinization and sensitivity of the glans until you get to the point where it is covered all the time.

        That is not to say you won't have big improvements before then, but all the guys I remember mentioning this said they kept improving until they stayed covered all the time when flaccid.


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          It took me 2 years from a loose circ using manual methods. But you'll see the benefits within weeks and it gets better.

          I still use my homemade retainer for keeping the glans inside my foreskin diring noctural erections.


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            Exceptional restorer here... If you take an aggressive approach to restoration, like I did, you can pretty much great results within 12 to 18 months. The important thing is to tug using very short sessions, and as often as you can throughout the day. Shorter tugging sessions are much more effective than wearing a device all day long. And as soon as you arrive to a CI-4, it is important to start training your foreskin to wear an o-ring all day long.

            When you reach a CI-5, it is time to do erection test with a single ring on. If the o-ring gets pushed by your erection, this is fine. Keep doing erection tests with a ring on a weekly basis. Eventually, you will notice that it takes longer and longer for the ring to come off. The day where the ring stays put, wait another 3 weeks or so, then you will be able to sleep with the ring on. By letting your ring and your nocturnal erections do the tugging for you, you will expedite your restoration even further. Turn any "inconvenience" into a advantage.