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How to: Report Posts or Block seeing a users posts

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  • How to: Report Posts or Block seeing a users posts

    Hopefully this doesn't need used often, but sometimes it is going to be warranted.

    If posts happen that you feel the moderators should be aware of, there's a ''flag'' button on each post. It should pop up a text block, use that to state what you feel was the problem with it. Spam, attacks, and such.

    If there's some person who is just constantly ruining your experience here, they can be blocked from showing up while you're logged in by: clicking your name at top right corner, user settings, account, then at the bottom there's an ignore list. It doesn't make them totally go away, if someone quotes them you'll still see it.

    We're all brothers here, hopefully none of this will be needed. When it's needed, i hope this helps.
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    Thank you for this post. There is a particular user here that does not bring anything to the support experience and is incredibly condescending and self-righteous.