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    Hello Ron. Is there a section regarding NUTRITION? There's a lot of talk about techniques, hours of tugging, and devices...which are all important. But I've found "nutrition" to be an EXTRA important aspect of it usually is with almost every bodily function. I've been drinking 1 glass (16oz) of organic green juice daily and eating a lot of fresh organic fruits/vegetables...along with other common wholesome foods. Doing this for a few years now...and since I started restoring again about 9 months ago I've been experiencing steady growth every single week (1 millimeter)---while ONLY TUGGING 2 HOURS / 1 to 2 DAYS PER WEEK.

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    I don't disagree about the nutrition aspect helping things along. The body uses nutrients to replenish, build, and restore itself. Along with regular exercise, proper hydration with water, and a pretty decent diet I sometimes supplement with other vitamins and minerals. For instance I use iron and zinc for the whole blood transport chain, and I will add vitamin E and Biotin as well. Everything plays a part and it all has to be balanced. After the science comes the art...

    Forgot to add the irony...
    Next week I will begin my first juicing. Nothing crazy, one solid meal somewhere during the day on my busiest/workout days. Juice for every other meal. Just this last weekend I began intermittent fasting and it wasn't as bad as people make it seem.
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    Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!


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      Basic nutrition, as a no-brainer adjunct to basic health, gets discussed here from time to time. So a listing of basic nutrition can't hurt. No argument there. Again, it's a no-brainer.

      But sadly, some "special nutrition" goop 'o the week is also promoted here from time to time. Some of it benign, some of it potentially harmful, and none of it ever effective from the standpoint of basic physiology.

      Usually, it's described as "just as important" as cycles of tension (when tension is mentioned at all) (there's another thread trying to do just that), by guys who have either wanted to sell you something, or just "talk" about ... hell, anything. Anything, but the basics of human physiology.

      So in the interests of sane, scientifically proven, beneficial information, it needs to be repeated: NO "SPECIAL" CONSTITUENT, NO TOPICAL CRAP, NO CHEMICAL OR COMBINATION OF CHEMICALS (TOPICAL, INJECTED OR INGESTED), NOT TO MENTION SOME TRENDY DRIED POWDER WHICH WAS ADULTERATED TO THE POINT OF NUTRIENT LOSS (IF SAID CRAP HAD ANY NUTRIENT VALUE TO BEGIN WITH), WILL EVER CAUSE ANY BENEFIT TO TUGGING FOR SKIN EXPANSION. That isn't how increasing mitotic activity works. It simply isn't how this thing works. So if somebody's implying that, then........well, you know.

      Cycles of tension, not magical crap. Cycles of tension, not magical thinking. Internally programmed skin response, not the "control" you think you have over any of this. There is no end-run to the time that this thing takes. All skin response, maintenance or accelerated, is internal, programmed, out of your control. There is no fetish, conceptual or physical, which will end-run so-called restoration. No trendy goop-of-the-week will ever do that. In fact, the implication that it will, is a red flag that somebody doesn't know what they are talking about, and they hope you don't, too. Their ignorance, or agenda, doesn't have to be yours.

      But that basic nutritional list, which you are very likely already choosing from; it can't hurt.
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