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How customizable is the new layout?

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  • How customizable is the new layout?

    I'm guessing that you'll eventually be able to get the appearance to more closely resemble the previous site, though I understand the importance of just getting something up and running in the first place. Let me know if you need any help with it.

    It looks like vBulletin 5 is quite a bit different from what you had before. The pages seem to load a bit more slowly - I don't know if the software is just more bulky, or if there are ways of stripping things down so it's as fast as the first site.

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    The big change with vB 5 is that "Channels" replace forum sections, Topics replace threads, Replies replace posts, Comments are possible separate from replies, with possibly a different level of privilege required. Articles likewise are a special channel usually reserved for an Author usergroup. Groups are no longer mysteriously in the background, they are just another Channel. Blogs are another Channel with their own privilege possibilities.

    But lots of things we got used to have vanished, like having progress galleries that only the OP could post in, and having a separate brief forum ID to appear in the Sender field for emails the forum sends. Presently we're in a no-mods-or-plugins-allowed hosting plan, but it does still allow creation of special pages and visual customization. After 7 months we could move over to a full-featured version if we're hurting for customizations.

    Feel free to watch the tutorial videos on vB 5:
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