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Separate Gallery for the Fully Restored

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  • Separate Gallery for the Fully Restored

    I've noticed a lot of members (myself included) who wander through the progress galleries in hopes of finding pictures of fully restored penises. While there are some there, it can be difficult to navigate through all of the posts of people who are still on their journey. I suggest making either a separate category or a subcategory to the progress galleries to highlight the fully restored members.

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    Sounds like a great idea, I second!

    It would also provide a visual of what can be achieved for those wondering what the end results of their decisions could be like.



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      The forum software allows us to add tags to any threads we start. That includes the Progress Galleries. If gallery owners were to edit the first post of threads threads, and insert a word like "restored", or any number of others to describe methods or stages or restoration - this could do what you're suggesting.


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        How about a Hall of Fame? Where successful progress galleries (fully restored) are either linked to, or copies placed therein.


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          Maybe we self-nominate by sending a PM to a new special admin account. Then the nominee's gallery could be moved to a special section of success stories (or just add a link there without moving the original).
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            I think the easiest way to do this is make a sticky on the progress gallery section called "Hall of Fame", or "Success Stories" and link to any progress gallery where the user claims to be done restoring, or has reached reliable flaccid coverage. The pictures therein, should be enough proof, quickly glanced at by a discerning eye, and then a link to placed in the stickied thread.

            Simply notify the admin/mod with a request, and then if approved, it should be placed in there. Only thing is, it has to be obvious that the restoration is complete, and noone who trys to fake anything should be allowed in.

            I like the idea, maybe people will come out of the woodworks to get into the hall of fame.


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              I'd be happy with any of the approaches mentioned so far. I'm glad everyone is receptive to the idea. 😀


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                Great idea! I’m inclined to having a dedicated forum for that, as that would make it easy to find. I would suggest that such “hall of fame” would have a post for each user showing some before and after pictures and mentioning the start and finish CI and what methods were used and for how long. Each one could also have a link then to the full diary (if the user has one) where people could also see how things evolved over time...
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