This is the list of updates which the forum administrators have agreed to implement to change the way the forum works. To suggest a new item or complain about slow implementation just click New Topic in this Suggestion Box section. We're especially eager to re-build specific content you miss from the old site.

Due Date & Description
Feb 17 Find and edit user title rules
Oct 26 Switch old URLs;
redirect and to our new url
Oct 27 Post forum navigation tips in Welcome Center
Oct 27 Set up Press Room as Articles with Categories or tags like RIC, Disease, FGM, Intersex, and with permissions for all.
Oct 28 Figure out if Progress Galleries need to be in the Blogs section
Oct 28 Add restorers' Calendar and permalink to for intactivism calendar
Oct 28 Set up Enterprise Galleries section as a collection of blogs
Oct 28 Post code of conduct for review
Oct 29 Post note about how to reduce forum notifications while staying subscribed
Oct 29 Fix font or font size for improved legibility
Oct 30 Check no-activity timeout threshold and post note about what to do if timed out.
Oct 31 Figure out progress gallery permissions or leave it wide open.
Nov 01 Verify that forums are displaying topics chronologically.
Nov 02 Post clarification on the lack of linkage between TLC Tugger sign-in and forum sign-in
Nov 03 Add "login" links in more places on the screen.
Nov 04 Active TapaTalk if it seems harmless.
Nov 05 See bug report & settings change request http://foreskinrestoration.vbulletin...?p=668#post668
Nov 06 broken TLC Tugger site links see
Nov 07 Publish story on buying tugging gear and getting insurance re-imbursement.
Nov 08 Address Android re-scaling display issue
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Completed Items

- various
Set up Glossary section as an Article and set-up a glossary discussion thread
- set member list to viewable by logged-in members only.
- Find out how much info from the Way-Back Machine is available
- Post explanation of what happened to old forum
- Add Sticky to Progress Galleries for how to start a thread and post pics