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How to split up work of re-building Press Room?

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  • How to split up work of re-building Press Room?

    Once we figure out where the Press Room goes, there is apparently the possibility that some article titles at least were archived by the Way-Back Machine.

    Any thoughts on how to get all that content into usable form appreciated.

    My thought for the Press Room is to put it in the Articles section and not allow discussion / replies. Anyone wishing to comment would post in the press room commentary part of the forum and the citation author would decide what to edit into the citation.
    -Ron Low
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    My immediate thought would be about how to retrieve the articles, as you can't just click on press room and pull it up. That aside.

    I see no problem locking the articles themselves and requiring anyone wishing to discuss them needing to cite and link to the article in the new locked section.

    (Rose colored glasses here: What if the original comments are also retrievable, how would those be handled if at all?)
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      Originally posted by Studley
      What if the original comments are also retrievable
      I doubt they are, I'm just eager to get the list of citations.
      -Ron Low
      [email protected]
      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        The Wayback Machine captured several images of the old Press Room between 2006 and 2015:

        I noticed that if you hover the mouse over the tag symbol on the title line of any article, it's tags still appear, so it would seem that the tag system is still operational on some level.

        With a sufficient knowledge of HTML, Javascript, PHP, the workings of VBulletin 4.x & the Wayback machine and any other concepts involved, it might be possible to create a Tag Index ( ) which conducts a tag search for posts from the old forum archived by the Way Back Machine (this might be a task that staff of the Wayback Machine, or some of the members of the public forums of [ ] would be willing to advise on).

        If the archived content of the old forum were tag searchable, it might be possible to create a tag index HTML page pointing to the old content archived at The Wayback Machine, and concentrate on collating recent and future articles here at the new forum.

        I also noticed that simply copying and pasting the title line of an article from the archived Press Room into Google, was often sufficient to locate the original article (another reason it's a good idea to stick to the titling convention of date, publication name and space permitting, as much of the original article title as possible).