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    So, we got these questions when we sign up for a new account on the forum:

    Age when circumcised
    0 - 2 years
    3 - 10 years
    11 - 20 years
    21 or more years
    Prefer to not say
    Age in years when your genitals were first altered
    Father's status
    Father was / is intact
    Father was cut for religious reasons
    Father was cut for other social reasons
    Father was cut for medical reasons
    Don't know father's status
    Don't wish to say
    Indicate if your father was circumcised
    Valid questions, I guess. I don't know why the father question is asked as a sign-up question (seems more like random poll question), and also I'd opt for "father was cut for unknown reason". It'd also be interesting to ask why the member was cut.

    The questions just didn't seem to be in sync with each other, and maybe better questions can be asked?

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      I think "how long you've been restoring" should definitely be asked.


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        OK it now asks folks how long they've been restoring. Feel free to edit your profile.
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