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    Thank you ,hardacroposthion for explaining C-1, C-2, etc. It’s going to take me a long time to restore as I’ve only been trying for about two weeks now! I’ve always thought my erections have been “restricted “ due to excessive skin tightness , almost to the point of pain😩 ! Thank you, also , for all that you have written on the restoration “journey”😐! I ‘m confident it will be VERY helpful along my journey 🤞! I hope you have a good day , wherever you are👌🙂


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      Sorry that you had to live with skin tightness. All that will go away as you restore and return your penis to the way it was supposed to be. Remember to aim to reposition your scar line to the tip of your penis.

      Wishing you a good day as well,



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        Thank you , Andre🤗👍!


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          Originally posted by hardacroposthion View Post

          To be clear, I did not take before pictures because I did not believe this restoration process was going to work. I started taking pictures on my 3rd month of restoration.

          Before I started, my penis looked very much like this one.
          After 3 months I was on the verge of going over the hump.
          Four months into my restoration.
          Fifth month.
          Seventh month.
          One year later.
          Two years later.
          Three years later.
          Current flaccid coverage.

          Erect coverage a year later after starting restoring.
          Coverage as of 2 years ago.

          As you can see, it is possible to restore relatively fast but it requires a lot of tugging on a frequent and regular basis. Also, keep in mind that I reposition the scar line to the tip of my penis. In this last link you see the scar line; it used to be behind the glans before I started restoring. My goal was to recreate a skin tube similar to what intact guys enjoy so that only inner skin was in constant contact with the glans unlike what happens in restorations with devices where some outer skin rolls onto itself touching the glans. I don't this this type of restoration is ideal.

          Some on this website have been disagreeable to my restoration techniques and methodology because it does not conform to those who swear by the usage of devices. Not everyone can wear devices, especially if you want to restore in a workplace that requires you to wear fine fitted clothing. Manual methods and o-rings turned out to work perfectly with the clothes I had to wear. And the problem with devices is that it is more difficult to target the skin that you want to get growing at any particular time. With MM3 on the scar line you are always in control of the skin you tug. Also, some restorers here abide to the wrong presumption that you cannot grow new nerve terminals under the new inner skin, as well as under the scar line. When you use the scar line as your only tugging point all the time, it becomes re-sensitized erotically, which in turn does the same function as the frenar band. As you can see here, because I have been wearing o-rings 24/7 for over 4 years now, the scar line also grows tighter. When I retract, you can see how it behaves as if I had a frenar band.
          Thanks alot, you have made immense progress.. Very impressive!

          Now, how effective is using orings as a retainer during the day? Is it worth it? What about urination.



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            Originally posted by BackToNatural View Post

            1. Which routines have you used?
            2. Have certain manual methods proved more effective than others?
            3. Does approximately 30 minutes per day of methods 2, 3, and 7 sound like a solid routine?
            4. If I want my circ scar to be completely concealed at the end, should I focus tension on the outer skin when using these methods? Or can I pinch the skin at my circ scar (equal tension on outer and inner skin) and the outer skin will simply grow faster than the inner?

            1. I started by using MM3 on the scar line. My goal was to reposition the scar line to the tip of my eventual foreskin. Once I was a solid CI-4, then I added o-rings to retain between tugging sessions. As my skin got longer, I continued adding o-rings, which eventually turned into a tugging device. Eventually, I was able to sleep with rings at night so that the nocturnal erections did the tugging for me while I slept.

            2. I think that MM3 done regularly and frequently on the scar line proved to be the most effective.

            3. I decided early on to tug for 2 minutes per session hourly all day long. I think that short but frequent tugging sessions are more productive than long tugging sessions done less frequently.

            4. I think that seeing the scar line as the enemy is a huge mistake. When you use your scar line as your only tugging point, you are indeed erotically resensitizing such scar line. Once it ends up at the tip of your penis, it will perform the same duties as a frenar band in function. My advice to you is to aim to reposition your scar line to the tip of the penis. By doing so you will indeed be tugging both the inner and the outer skins evenly. Your goal is to end up with a foreskin that matches an intact foreskin like this one.