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    Hello all I'm new to all of this. Have thought about restoring for years. Finally doing it. Can't quite afford some of the equipment yet. Wanted to start out with anything I can do at home for free. Is tugging my only option? I'm at a c-1 I think. Any advice on this is greatly appreciated. I think I'll post a pic soon.

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    Manual tugging is the cheapest and easiest in terms of what you need to begin. All you need are your hands.

    Tape methods ( many variations are used) are relatively cheap, they simply use commonly available supplies. Or O-rings.

    If you are about CI-1, those are likely your only choices for now, later when you have more skin you could try inflation or devices. But there is no reason to do that in terms of growing skin, manual/taping/O-rings are fine methods, there is no need for any other method. I used tape for most of my restoration and easily could have gone the distance with just that one.