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  • RTM method without tape


    How do you tell if adequate tension is being applied when using the RTM method? Should I feel something, or should the skin be as taut as possible?

    When removing the RTM setup after a couple hours (to give the skin a break), I usually notice that the inner skin is puffy. It is not sore, and the puffiness subsides within the hour, but is this to be expected?

    Also, instead of taping the skin back as is customary for this method, I have been using a rubber band to hold the skin in the reversed position.

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    Hello , and welcome to the wide and wonderful world of foreskin restoration.

    Yes the skin should be as tight as possible , it should look shiny when stretched.
    Puffy skin after taking off the RTM set up is normal and as long as the puffiness goes away your doing good. It's a build up of lymphatic fluid in you skin .
    What ever you use to hold the skin back is your choice just make sure your not cutting off the circulation on your skin for to long if your feeling that's its getting cold or numb take it off .
    And Happy tugging .


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      Is it normal for the penis to feel itchy when the RTM setup is applied? I have experienced this often, especially around the rubber band.

      I find that it is hard to tell during the hours of wearing the RTM if I am getting consistent tension. Sometimes, I start to get erect, and then I start to feel a notable tension, but otherwise, there is no indication.


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        Itching isn't to normal doing RTM. From the way your doing it you may be having a reaction to the rubber band - Latex allergy .. Try using 3 M brand Nex-care tape instead of the rubber band your tension will stay constant ..