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  • Tugging with leg strap

    Hi everyone. I'm getting the tlc tugger with my next paycheck. I'm not having the success with the dtr like I want. I've been restoring for a year and a half now so I guess I might have a good idea how much longer this would take if I continue using it.

    Im trying to switch things up and would like to use the tlc tugger leg strap.

    I've tried dual tension, weights, air, and manual methods. All with dtr aside from manual of course.

    I'm hoping to reach CI 10. Can people share success stories while using the tlc tugger's leg strap and share tips if any? How long did it take you to get to your CI while using it.

    Currently CI 2 while standing and about CI 3 while sitting.

    Thanks guys

    Note: didn't know if this was the correct section to post in. Please move it if incorrect.

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    Tape is rumored to be the fastest way to restore but is not popular because of the time to apply and remove especially if using tape that leaves a residue. I bought some Mefix tape recently just waiting for it to arrive as its the best stuff to use according to some and comes off easily with water.


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      Yes tape IS the fastest way to restore, BUT it is a pain in the dick....literally. Especially when you have to remove it. The reason for thisnisnthat tape requires a much smaller contact area to stay on because it has adhesive on it. Repeated removal of tape is pretty hard on your skin. Tape does slip and if it does you have to remove it ALL and start again.
      As far as getting a TLC Tugger, I would get the x model. Its so much more versatile and when you extend the pusher it exposes more of you outer skin to tension. Plus it's more comfortable. I have both and primarily only use my std TLC Tugger as a retainer only.


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        Welcome Guy!

        I can't tell if tape is the fastest method since I used it for only a few months, but yeah, it was a pain in the dick. I used a Mefix-like tape and it was easy to remove with water and soap (or just hot water), but the part of the tape that was attached to my inner skin and "back-touching" my glans always got too moist and slipped off first. I ended up with nearly no inner tension each time, due to that. Anyway YMMV.

        I started using the TLC tugger at CI-2. Switched to the TLC-X at CI-3 because I started to need some sort of "spacer" to get a decent inner tension. I'm happy with the device, it does its job. Switched to the long pusher rod, in order keep getting inner tension, a few months ago. Currently I'm trying to get past "the hump" and get some stable coverage... CI-4 hopefully.
        From Madrid, Spain. Restoring with T-Tape, Manual, TLC & TLC-X since Jan 2014. Started as a CI-2, currently between CI-4 and CI-5 depending on the day.