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Device on Wish for Restoration?

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  • Device on Wish for Restoration?

    I saw the device in the pictures I posted below for sale on the app Wish. They are selling it as a penis enlargement device, but I was initially confused for a minute because I thought it was a foreskin restoration device. It looks just like a restoration device. I’m not interested in penis enlargement, so do you guys see any reason why this wouldn’t work as a foreskin restoration device?

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    I could be wrong because I haven't looked at the PE community's devices that in depth, but I think the way this device is intended to function is to use vacuum pressure to hold the glans in the "bell" of the device. Then you pull on the bell to supply tension to the shaft itself.

    I don't think this will work as a foreskin restoration device. For skin growth you want to pull on the skin specifically, not on the shaft itself.