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    Hi everyone, a new member here, getting into FR for the first time. At 51 years old, I am lucky to have a somewhat loose cut, some frenulum remainder, and after years of inconsistent PE (penis enlargement) via jelqing, vacuum pumping, extending and clamping have already created more foreskin, probably around a CI3 with foreskin bagging around the corona.
    After a week or so of manual tugging I can already see some early progress I think.
    BTW, I have found PE to be very effective, increasing BPEL (bone pressed erect length) from about 15 to 18.5 cm, and girth from 12.5cm to 15.5cm. Also a significant flaccid increase, from about 10cm to 12.5cm length. So that's about 3cm in either direction, it has taken many years, but only actively working on it for maybe 9 months over those 10-odd years.
    I am being more consistent with it these days, and now my PE journey has led me to foreskin restoration.
    The methods are similar, requiring (a lot! of) patience and diligence, an open mind and the willingness to experiment.
    I have been reading up on the various methods and devices available, and am considering the TLC-X, DTR and some other less well known devices.
    One of them is the GUARD-II, but I can find no online reviews of it. The website is very thorough and well written, but there is little in the way of user reviews or testimonials.
    Has anyone tried this device and able to offer some advice on how it compares to the other similar devices?
    Here is the website:

    The other device I have looked at is the DILE
    The website is not quite as well made, but the device looks interesting.

    I want to get a device that I can use from now right to the end of restoring, I have quite a bit of free time at home every day for tugging, but ideally a device that can be worn outside at lower tension would be good.
    I like that the GUARD-II claims to be able to use quite high tension at times. My PE experience tells me that short periods of high stress interspersed with rest and periods of lower tension is effective at growing all kinds of penile tissue, including I would presume foreskin....

    Thanks for creating this forum, it is a wonderful resource and I will document my results here with whatever device I decide to use.