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    I would like to know if anyone has experience with a device like the TLC-X without any supplementation (strap, rubber bands, springs). I recently stopped tugging with the TLC Tugger after restoring for a year because I really disliked wearing a strap; also, restoration in general exhausted me, and I grew little or no skin. I think I would prefer a strapless device, but I read that it is still a good idea to use a strap with the TLC-X. Are there any other devices like the TLC-X, or are there ways to modify the TLC Tugger to create tension without a strap? I have considered clipping some weight to the end of it, but I spend most of the day sitting; as a result, I assume the weight wouldn't do much.

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    For my first month or two, I only used the TLC-X with a spring, but I've since added a strap and inflation to my routine. I did not think the skin got quite enough of a workout with internal tension alone. Nowadays I only use internal tension alone when I need the lowest profile highest comfort restoring option I can muster.
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      Thanks for your reply. I did a bit more research for options, and I found the DTR. I changed my mind. I am willing to use rubber bands, but I still don't want to use straps. As a result, the DTR seems like a good choice. However, I see that the TLC-X with the rubber band clip works similarly. Which is better: the DTR with the dual-tension method (using rubber bands) or the TLC-X with the rubber band clip?