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  • Beginner questions, need help

    Hey, I have some questions that I'd appreciate answers for.

    1) I was cut when I was born and I found out about foreskin restoring after searching around why my penis is as numb as the back of my hand. I've very recently (1 1/2 weeks) started tugging using method 2. I was cut high and loose with my forced erection coverage a tiny bit over the corona. I can't use anything but manual methods and my problem is when using method 2 I can't get a good grip at all. At first I tried the casual O grip except my palm was faced against me (while on the picture I saw the palm was facing down, away from the body). It didn't work out because I couldn't put a good amount of tension all around the circ scar. It was especially difficult to put tension on the sides of the penis and some other tiny areas. So niw I'm doing it another way, using the U grip, i.e I use a U grip and put tension only on the dorsal and ventral sides of my penis in one set, then in another set I put tension on the left and right side of my penis with the same U grip. But this is still not very comfortable and I still can't seem to put tension all around the circ scar/penis. I want to know if you guys have any advice on how to fix that problem, I'm planning on moving to method 3 as soon as I can, because method 2 is a pain in the ass.

    2) I make sure I tug daily but It's difficult to consistently do it throughout the day. This is my routine: Everyday, using method 2 I try to several times (maybe 4-8 sets a day with 1 minute of tugging each set) a day tug using method 2. I split it up in sets, i.e whenever I tug I do it for 1 minute all around the circ scar/penis every couple of hours or so in total adding up to maybe 5-8 minutes a day. I go for the high tension, short duration type of tugging, I've heard it brings great results. But my question here is, is what I'm doing enough to see growth? And if so, how fast should it grow on average? Keep in mind I use high tension. From what I've heard some yield great results tugging only 15 minutes a day, but I'm doing even lower than that but with high tension. I don't know if it's enough to see any growth and would appreciate getting it cleared up for my thanks!