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  • DTR with TUGGER

    Ive been using both a DTR and a TLC tugger.I was thinking that using both would stimulate growth quicker and better. However, Im also thinking that using only the DTR may give better results with respect to reducing hair bearing skin because it seems to target the skin closer to the glans. I was cut low and tight and have quite a bit of unwanted hair on my shaft. Im very much in favor of stimulating growth of a thick tube as well though. Im also thinking that the tugger will produce more thick skin being that it pulls more at the base where the skin seems thicker. Am I incorrect? Is tugging tugging no matter from which point?...

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    With any bi directional device the skin on the inside of the device is tensioned by the pusher. So you could position the device to tension only this skin with it being a combination of inner and outer skin and your scar line getting tensioned as well thereby diffusing it.


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      The DTR vs TLC Tugger has been a pretty common topic for a while. I have actually thought of buying a DTR as well. I own a TLC-X, and have been pretty satisfied with it. That being said, I've also wanted to try out the DTR. The ONLY reason why I've kept with the TLC-X though is simply because there is a "promise" of a more puckered foreskin. There doesn't seem to be more evidence for this though. I know the guy who invented the DTR has a piercing and that is one of the ways in which he keeps the foreskin tight. I get the impression that one would not get a puckered foreskin with the DTR. I may be wrong though. This comes from no experience with it whatsoever and is therefore purely based on assumptions.


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        The only thing that tugging devices do is put tension on skin. That's it. Nothing else happens from the device.

        They all (even air and RTM devices) put tension on a DOUBLE FOLD of skin, NOT a single layer of skin. Pusher types promise more than usual tension on the inner part of that double fold. I highly doubt this actually happens, but I kinda hate to get into why, because most guys can't see it in their mind for some reason. Think of it this way: it certainly isn't PROVEN that this happens, and even if it does happen, it can only be a fractional amount of increased tension. Probably not enough to make a difference. Why? Because pulling on a double fold of skin pulls on BOTH so-called "outer" and "inner" surfaces pretty much equally.

        And can a device somehow produce a "puckered" "end"? No. I'll say it again: no, nope, no way, never happen. That's nonsense. It's contrary to the simple physics involved. I'd explain that, if I thought anybody would listen. Of course, that doesn't mean you won't see one eventually. You will. Your skin will cling to your glans, and then to itself if it lies beyond your glans. That's what everybody wants to see. You'll eventually get something that some intact guys don't see. And it didn't have anything to do with the device.

        So much goes on in people's heads that doesn't actually exist, out here in the real world. And a lot of it gets supported and passed on to the next guy, as "known". Sad, but that's restoration forums in a nutshell. But, that doesn't matter in the long run (well, it does to me, but that's my thing ). Think what you want, as long as you go on tugging. You will get everything you want from your skin because thankfully, your skin knows what to do, even if you didn't. Your skin does it all; during the process, and after you've finished.

        That's not just a promise from me, it's a guarantee from Nature. It's Nature doing its thing, not you "building" something.
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          Finally able to start using my dtr bell and gripper today, but the gripper is VERY TIGHT. Is this normal? Has anyone tried this product with success? And what might be the difference between the DTR & TLC? Any advice would be appreciated.