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Changing strapping legs

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  • Changing strapping legs

    Do I have to change each day the leg whom to I tug in order to get even grow? Or can I tug with same leg all the time?

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    When I first started, I put tape strips in the same place every time. After a while, I noticed that my skin was looking scalloped a bit, as if the taped areas were growing faster than the non tape areas. I started switching tape positions and that went away.

    Many men do switch legs to help ensure even skin growth, based on their reports. So, it is probably a good idea, but you can wait and see what happens, too. This is a slow process, so lots of time to watch, see what happens, and make adjustments.



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      I also switch legs about every other day!! When I first started I only strapped to one leg, then I noticed my inner skin was growing more on one side than the other!! I believe it is a great idea to switch legs!!


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        I used a long tug strap. Long enough to go around the leg twice and end with a loop under the foot. The unstrained length of strap was chosen to give me the desired tension when at its full extended length. Happened that I chose a tension of about 0.75kg. I used only the left leg. It did not result in an asymmetrical restored foreskin.
        The MGM left me with very little inner mucosal type skin. It was not, for me, a good indicator of progress.

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