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Uneven taping

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  • Uneven taping

    Hi. I have just recently started using the t-tape method, but for some reason i can't manage to apply it evenly. As you can see, the ens of the tape which im holding, doesn't stick to the tape. It only sticks to the skin.

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    I apply the tape so that the seam is on the underside where there's less tension - otherwise it will start to pull up on the top where the force is greater. I pre-make the tapes in batches, using wax paper as a backer. First, I peel the wax paper off, then get an erection. Then, center the taper and position, and circle it around with the seam meeting perfectly at the bottom.

    As for that tab, I make mine with the tab too, but it's pretty useless with the Mefix tape I use. For me, it's best just to fold those two prongs together to keep them from adhering to the skin and underside of my glans (ouch). I measure the tape to fit my erect girth precisely, so that extra flap is really only useful in helping to peel the tape from the wax paper backer I use.

    For me, making the tape ahead of time is key in getting a good application without any fuss.


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      What kind of tape is that? Mefix is THE ONLY type to use for this. DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE!!!


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        The crucial features of the T-tape method are probably:
        1. Pre-make the T-tape (I used Mefix tape) of a length so that it goes around your ERECT penis. Overlapping tabs are extra.
        Applying the T-tape
        2. Wash and dry the skin. When flaccid/soft locate and mark 4 or 5 points on your line of equilibrium around the shaft. Pinch grip skin and pull forwards. Roll the skin between index finger and thumb until the skin is furthest out - the tensions on inner tube and outer tube should feel about equal. This is shown in the T-tape video at
        3. Get erect. Pull skin towards your belly. Apply the T-tape with its centre line as near as possible to the points on the line of equilibrium. Overlap the tabs.
        4. Leave for maybe 5 minutes before tensioning.

        Hope this helps

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          I think you're using bad tape.
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