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  • Advice on switching devices?

    Hello Intactivist Community,

    I bought the TLC-x 2 1/2 years ago and have been using it religiously ever since (12-14 hours per day, 6 days a week of tugging). I'm disappointed by how slow my progress has been (CI3 to not even a CI4- it feels like my skin grows way slower than normal?), but that's not the reason I'm writing this.

    I have experimented a lot with the tlc tugger as well as tlc-x, and found that just using the plain old tlc tugger with a strap to be the most comfortable option. The problem is that if I do a lot of sitting, the bending of my legs bunches/tightens up the crotch area of my pants/shorts and slightly pins the tugger against my upper thigh, which pinches my foreskin under the skin cone and begins to start hurting after 30min or so (I'm a classical musician, so sitting for an hour at a time is expected). If I'm standing all day, I feel zero pain strangely enough. I also never wear skinny jeans or tight fitting clothing, in case you may be asking yourself "why not just buy looser fitted clothing". I just sort of tolerate the pain on a day to day basis which obviously gets worse the longer I sit, to the point where the pain becomes so sharp that when I go to take off the device in the bathroom, the process of taking the skin cone off is excruciating.

    The only other device I've tried is the PUD, but I didn't appreciate the feeling it gave while walking around- it flops all over the place. I tried using a strap around my knee with it, but at that point I realized that it's super conspicuous through my pants and unusable with shorts. Also, I need a device that can put tension on my foreskin while sitting, which the PUD can't do. The one thing I liked about the PUD though, was the fact that it used tape, which was sooo comfortable compared to using a skin cone with the TLC Tugger (although the tape tended to slip off half way through the day).

    I've also done a lot of manual tugging in the mornings/evenings, but have not been able to have the amount of privacy I need to do it regularly (I'm around people a lot and typically when I use the bathroom, someone is waiting for me to finish so I rarely get a chance to manual tug). For that reason I really prefer a device to do the pulling for me while I don't even have to think about it.

    I've tolerated this TLC Tugger problem the entire time I've used it and am a huge fan of the product overall (thank you Ron Low!!), but am now wondering if I should try a different device? Most of the posts of read about the TLC Tugger don't seem to have this issue.

    I've been looking at reviews for every tugging/restoring device out there, but have set my eyes upon the Super Canister. I'm wondering if it would give me the best of both worlds: being able to tug and also use the comfort of tape? I know for a fact that the super canister would not hurt me while being worn under clothing, but I've read all the posts about it on the forums, and everyone's posts I've read seem to dislike it, one person even saying that it was their least favorite option of the 5 they had tried. One thing I'm concerned about is does it even provide an adequate stretch? I would imagine the all the tape would hold the foreskin in place, not allowing it to stretch much? Or maybe the tape stretches, allowing the foreskin to stretch as well, I dunno.

    Hope this all makes sense. What do you think? I would love as many opinions as possible before buying another (expensive) device.

    Thanks so much guys,


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    Well, here's the thing: Everyone has their "ideal" tension/time combination and it has to be just right. Too little tension, nothing happens. Too much, and you body goes into healing mode instead of growth mode. Basically you want to go to the elastic limit of your skin plus a little more. To the point of slight discomfort, not pain. Pain is the indicator you're tugging too hard. Finding this ideal tension takes some time and experimentation, but once you've found it growth happens quite well. The other thing is you do NOT need to wear that contraption for any where near the time you are IF you tension is right. The tension triggers cells to divide and once that has happened your body takes over from there. I use my TLC X 3 times per day for 30 minutes at 2lbs of tension and growth couldn't be better. I also supplement with manual whenever possible. This ideal tension took me 3 years to find. The other thing is that in the beginning growth IS slow simply because you don't have a lot of skin to work with. As you gain skin you grow more skin. Devices by their very nature restrict circulation and triggered cells need blood flow to complete their division, which is why on an off tension (cyclical tension) is most efficient and has been proven to be so. The more cycles, the more efficient. Constant tension stops mitosis dead. 2 1/2 years isn't really that far along so keep at it.
    I would recommend what I've outlined above and supplement with manual #2 concentration on your outer skin for now. Manual #2 is most effective simply because there's 2 anchor point providing a good stretch. Once you've gained a lot of outer skin you can concentrate on the inner skin with your TLC X. The pusher alone will grow your inner skin, but you'll need to ditch those wimpy elastic bands supplied with it for some that are stronger. Also ditch that wimpy tugging strap supplied with the TLC X in lieu of a burly suspender strap which you can get a pair of at Wal Mart.


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      Thanks parsecskin! I will try that


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        Here's an idea: use what works during your day, ie use whatever puts cycles of tension on your skin, and then use manual when you have to time to relax (end of day). As long as there are cycles of tension on you skin, and certainly manual is the definition of this, they you will grow skin. This whole process takes years, so the only other "ingredient" you need is endurance. Just hang in.


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          Don't overlook the CAT IIQ. It is a very neat device that worked for me, no strap needed although I did often hang some extra weight on it. Get the soft "deep pusher" instead of the hard flatter pusher plate. Keep your skin and the device free of body oils (regular soap and water is fine) and you should have no problems with grip.


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            I can tell you we have sold many Supercanisters and our customers have been very happy with them. Guys send me their progress pics and the results prove it works. With our Torpedo Tugging Weights its a comfortable and reliable system for restoration. You don't have to tug for long periods if that's your preference. Simply reach down, unclip the weigh, and leave the device attached. Attach or remove weights on a cycle that works for you, or just leave them on.

            The Supercanister is comfortably worn all day, and you can pee through it cleanly and easily. The biggest advantage is the reliability. It's not likely to fall off like tapeless devices, avoiding embarrassing situations.

            The tape and adhesives do not interfere with tensioning your foreskin anymore than a cone or bell. In fact less so because the grip from tape/Adhesi-med is much stronger than tapeless methods so less skin area needs to be held.
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              The only advice I can give is try a DTR. I have tried pretty much everything else and that is my go to device for day to day wear. It grips and it tugs and it does what is says on the tin.


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                Thanks guys for all of your replies! I’ve been doing only manual stretching as often as possible and am planning on doing that for a month just to see if anything will be different compared to the tlc tugger.

                I am still interested in the super canister, so will have to give that a shot sometime in the near future (I at least want to try that adhesi-med stuff to retain at night).

                also I want to try the DTR at some point- once I save up the money.

                thanks again all,



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                  I have used a PUD, TLC and TLC-X. The standard TLC is my preferred device. I never liked the TLC-X and quickly stopped using it. I also sometimes go some manual tugging but not in a regular or systematic manner.

                  I use to wear the TLC to bed but it would always cause discomfort when I got an erection and always came off at some point during the night. However, in order to remain "covered" 24/7, I now wear a regular TLC body (or packer tip) under the wider TLC-X cone while sleeping which will stay on all night when worn under a thong, compression shorts or tight swim trucks. The wider cone allows my penis to expand and contract comfortably during/after an erection w/o falling off. I also wear a regular TLC body (or packer tip) with a regular cone w/o tugging, when I just want to keep my glans covered, when wearing shorts or when I just don't feel like tugging.

                  The PUD gets results but is a PITA to put on/take off and comes w/the other "problems" previously mentioned. I had a light 6-8 oz PUD that I sold but still have a heavy 22 oz PUD that's a monster but I need the weight to overcome the thickness/elasticity of my grow-er skin. When I wear it, I put on a pair of compression shorts that keeps it in place w/o the need for a strap and loose cargo pants to make it less conspicuous. No problems for me when I do that.


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                    Teddy - I fully understand the difficulties of restoring while living with an extended family and while in work where you are "observed" or otherwise limited.

                    There was no such a big choice of methods and devices for restoration in the mid-1990s. The T-tape method was OK for me. I bought both a DTR and a TLC tugger but both proved to be uncomfortable - needing adjustment (or, indeed, coming off) at the most inconvenient times. I gave the DTR to another restorer. I still have the TLC - I have used it for demonstration purposes.

                    You have good advice given by the replies above. Think about each method/device and how it could fit in with your daily life. And remember also that we need penis for things other than pulling on!

                    Best wishes

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