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T-tapes won't stick

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  • Tormod
    Here's the process which worked for me - try it and see what happens:

    Wash penis skin with soap, rinse and carefully dry
    Determine, and mark, the line of equilibrium around penis
    Get erect.
    Tension the skin towards belly with one hand, unwind the T-tape on to penis with other hand. Centre line of T-tape on line of equilibrium.
    Secure the tabs at the end of the T-tape.
    Grip the T-tape in fist and press all round - 15 seconds
    Leave without tension for maybe 15 minutes.
    Ready to tension....

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  • Science Monk
    started a topic T-tapes won't stick

    T-tapes won't stick

    Even when you do everything right, it is par for the course for initial new T-tape jobs to fail within hours, or even minutes, This happens not only to newbies, but to experienced tuggers who resume tugging efforts after a long vacation from tugging. You have to just keep trying. Then the T-tape jobs will begin lasting the entire day, or even longer. I'm not certain why this is so, but I think it's because the skin pores under the tape eventually reduce their production of skin oils when constantly covered.

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