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  • What type of tape?

    What is the best, i guess most efficient, tape to use? I got some Nexmark trauma tape and have been cross-taping, it's been good wanna step up to T-tape and strap it round my foot, just wondering what's a good tape that doesn't damage the skin

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    I have little personal experience to share but lots of people like the Mefix tapes.
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      2 users recommend Mefix tape in this thread... I know I am going to try it.
      Hey guys, First off, I'm new to this forum, but not new to restoring. I've been restoring consistently for about 13 months now. In that time I've gone from a


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        I am unfamiliar with Nexmark Trauma Tape. I finished my restoration before it came on the market.

        I found the very best tape to use for cross-taping was 3M Nexcare Absolute Waterproof tape. It is a 1-inch-wide, tan, foam-backed tape with some stretch to it. It is the tape pictured in the instructional set for cross-taping posted to the NORM-Phoenix web site. The adhesive is similar to that found on Band-Aids, but the tape is easier to peel away from your skin than Band-Aids. If your skin is clean and dry, you can also reseal once or twice, thn you will need a new piece of tape. The tape is widely available at discount and drug store chains for about $6 USD per roll. I did not cut the tape into two 1/2-inch strips to wear in a criss-cross pattern, as shown on the NORM-Phoenix instructional set. At a CI-2.5, was able to apply a single full 1-inch strap of tape in either the north-south or the east-west direction, and it gentlely held my glans back, and kept it covered.

        I also successfully used Band-Aids, or pieces of Band-Aids, for cross-taping. If you use Band-Aids, get the water-resistant type usually sold as "active" or "sports" strips. Also get the ones that are 1-inch-wide. Those that are sold under metric measure are usually only 0.8-inch-wide (2 cm). The extra 0.2 inch helps. I successfully used generic and store brands of Band-Aids and saved some money. The brand name Band-Aids did not work any better for my cross-tapings. Since I finished my restoration, Band-Aids that are truly waterproof have come on the market. However, I have heard that these stick so firmly that they cause undo irritation upon removal.

        If you decide to move on to T-taping, you will need a different tape. Mefix is the best to use for T-taping.

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        I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
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          During my first month or so of restoration I used band-aids for cross-taping. Then I switched to T-taping, using Sanifix / Omnifix tapes (sold in Europe), which are similar to the Mefix brand for that matter.

          Click image for larger version

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          One of the benefits of this tape is that it can be stretched breadth-wise but not length-wise. This allows for changes in girth (erections) with no issue while not being stretched out by the tugging tension. The one I used came in a 15cm wide roll, which was about my penis girth, so it was ideal for T-taping.
          This tape is easily removed with warm water and I've had no issues with it. As long as I didn't use too much tension it didn't slip off or cause skin issues (e.g. tearing).
          Hope this helps.
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            You probably need to try a few different tapes, as they interaction between your skin and the adhesives may work better with some than others.

            ‚ÄčI had good success with 3M Micropore Paper tape when I was taping and could keep things dry. when things became moist, that tape would fail quickly, but Rejuveness worked well. Plus the Rejuveness left almost no adhesive behind, whereas the 3M tape left a lot.