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Taping method - with just tape?

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  • Taping method - with just tape?

    Hi restorers!
    First of all, im really glad this forum exists. Ive been reading alot of your posts and they have helped me out alot.

    ​Im between c-2 and c-3 and im using a DTR right now, and doing some manual method 3. Been restoring for about 5 months and have noticed increased sensitivity. I got alot of inner foreskin but not alot of outer foreskin, so the inner foreskin is pretty visible when flaccid.

    Ive been thinking about an idea, and researched a bit but i cant really find information about it.
    I wonder if its possible to stretch the shaft skin out so it is very tight, and then applying some sort of tape around the dick. And then when releasing the dick, the skin is going to stay in the stretched out position underneath the tape?
    Is this possible? What is this method called if so? What tape is best to use? And could this work during nighttime?


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    I am not sure I understand. Are you suggesting pulling the skin toward your body, so that it is tightly stretched, then wrapping tape around the whole shaft? Are you thinking this will hold the skin in position, thus applying tension to the skin?

    This sounds awkward and complicated, compared to typical taping techniques, if I am envisioning what you mean. And, I am not sure yo will be able to apply that much tension, plus adjusting the tension sounds difficult and cumbersome.

    But the only way to really know is to give it a try, but I would be cautious and approach it in stages. It does not sound like something easy to remove if you run into issues.



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      Pulling the skin out over the glans making sure its stretched, as if i would use an manual method. And then wrapping some tape in circles around the shaft skin


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        Perhaps you are referring to the Fimo cone method pictured on this web page (scroll down to the bottom) from the Web Archive:

        Restoring men have used Fimo, Sculpey, and a product called Silly Plastic to fashion custom cones in the past. Baby bottle nipples, and male urinary incontinence external catheters have also been used. Restorers have also fashioned custom devices from silicone aquarium sealant.

        The late Wayne Griffiths, one of the Founding members of NORM (Tim Hammond was the other), used his Foreballs device for his own restoration. It was a barbell-shaped device consisting of two stainless steel marbles joined together by a stainless steel rod. The foreskin remnant is wrapped around one stainless steel marble and taped into place. The other stainless steel marble is allowed to dangle as a weight. Foreballs is no longer manufactured comerically.

        I was a T-taper. I still think it is the gold standard of methods when it comes to rapid progress. I've seen more success stories with this method than any other. When a man expresses a casual interest in restoring, I recommend that he start with the simple (but slow) method: cross-taping (also known as a tape strap)(3M Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape is the tape to use. It's sold in blister packs and is widely available at drug and discount chain stores). Cross-taping gives you an idea what the benefits and inconveniences of restoring will be. From there, you can progress to the T-tape method (Mefix is the tape to use for T--taping), (and you will use the cross-taping method that you've already learned as a retention device).

        I'm a historian in the restoring community. I loved the era when all restoring device were homemade. Like I've said before: nothing works like a man in love with his own invention!

        I still love it when a man makes a device for himself that works at low cost. The eldest member of NORM-Michigan was retired, had little money to spend. He created a low-cost device that he was happy with from old plastic curtain hardware.

        However, today, all things considered, if you don't like the idea of tape, you might be better off just shopping the TCL Tugger web site:

        World As Monkey Island

        I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
        I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

        Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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          Originally posted by davelo7 View Post
          Pulling the skin out over the glans making sure its stretched, as if i would use an manual method. And then wrapping some tape in circles around the shaft skin
          I see, thanks for the additional information. You might find this method interesting, maybe it would achieve what you want?

          I guess part of what I am struggling with is what you are trying to achieve that other methods do not provide....



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            I don't know much about this method since I don't use it, but what you're describing sounds essentially like my understanding of packing methods. You pack a bunch of material into the skin tube, pushing the glans back so that your skin is stretched. Then you apply tape or a gripper or whatever to keep the packing in place. But I might even be wrong about what packing is anyway.

            I also think of dual tension devices, which have a pusher that pushes your glans back while the device is attached. Effectively this puts your skin into a tensioner state and then just holds it there, which sounds like the same end result as whatever you're saying.

            These are what I'd call "fixed displacement" methods, and I don't personally feel that these methods are the best. In my experience skin tends to give a little bit of extra slack after being under tension for a few minutes. so you can put your skin under fixed displacement where you have significant tension, then the skin will temporarily stretch over the next few minutes, and now the tension has gone down. I can't verify that this is actually happening or that fixed displacement is any less optimal, but it seems like it to me.