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  • T tape or canister

    Just wondering if the canister method is superior to t tape? T tape sounds like it may be more comfortable and a better fit for someone is very active most of the week. The taping of my skin doesn't bother me at all anymore, so I'm not necessarily in a hurry to go tapeless permanently, especially because tape holds even when it's hot outside and I get sweaty. Constructing the t- tape seems to be the only real inconvenience. Unless the canister is superior in a way that I don't understand, I may be going the t- tape route. Thanks again guys... Best wishes

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    Opto-mystic - not much difference in function. The canister is more bulky than T-tape. (Canister would maybe need looser fitting pants in order to hide it. If that's what you want.) Both are cheap, do-it-yourself methods and you can easily experiment with the placement of the tugging point. When you get experienced in the manufacture of T-tapes you can make a month's supply in an hour or so.
    Two slight advantages ot T-tape over other methods are: 1. It is low profile, and, 2. You have access to the inner and outer skin tubes after you have put the T-tape on. This allows you to apply lotion/cream to those skin tubes if you need to.

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      I would add another advantage of T-taping. You can use the split-tape (or whatever name it has) variation that I used back in my early days of restoration. See this post. IMO, it is less inconvenient to construct than regular T-tapes and it is easier to apply, since you do so in 4 stages while flaccid (or while erect at your choice). You can easily use a paper clip or a safety pin to attach the tape pieces to the strap.
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        Canister tugging is easier and more convenient. Supercanister tuggers using Adhesi-Med are faster to apply and unlikely to slip-off. TTapes were probably one of the earliest methods of restoration, however newer means became adopted as restorers sought better ways. TTapes are time consuming to make, are one time use, and application to the skin is tedious. That having been said TTapes does have its loyal users.
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          I have used a modified canister method. I agree that the application is quick and easy. I am able to hang up to 35 oz. of weight for 2 hours without much discomfort, definitely without any pain.


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            Try out various different kinds of tape - look for the medical or athletic variety. Some adhesives are water based, and will start coming off due to sweat, urine, or the usual sub-preputial moisture. Some aren't water based, which means they'll stay on, but might require some extra care in removal. See what works best for you.


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              As I mentioned above, most of my restoring was done with the canister method using pill containers. I have used several tapes. My favorite 2 are :
              ​​​​ (1) 3M Transpore
              (2) 3M Micropore Surgical Tape

              As I recall there was never a problem with application or removal of these tapes. Currently I have resumed restoring in order to develop erect complete coverage with some hangover.