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    Yes, take a break to let things heal up. I know what YOU mean. I started with the canister method. Go to Advanced Device's website and get some of their silicone based skin adhesive and their citrus based adhesive remover. Use the adhesive on the canister body instead of inside out tape. Its a lot easier and you probably won't have any more issues with pinching. The adhesive remover works great on tape too. NO discomfort or tears whatsoever.


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      Very early in my T-tape restoration I had some skin tearing. It was on the outer type skin. My body skin tends to be thick and dry - not very elastic. One of the neat things about the T-tape restoration method is that after putting the T-tape on, but before applying tension, you have access to BOTH skin layers which will be tensioned. I applied some general type hand softening lotion (a cocoa butter preparation) to those layers. Careful to avoid getting it on the tape. No further skin tearing.

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        Thanks for the advice! I'm willing to accept the long, slow process but tears and pain? No thank you. I can't wait until the day where I can go tapeless!!