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  • tape

    i found out a new metod ... at least me. I would like your oppinioun and coments.

    i stretch the skin and apply tape on the stretched skinn so it does not collaps back to normal state.
    this moves the skin a few millimeters nown the penis and keeps konstant tention on the skin under the tape.
    will the skin under the tape grow?

    ofcorse i use tape to the porpuse

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    I thought about doing that but wasn't sure if it would grow skin the way I wanted. Also the silicone tube style penis extenders might be used in a similar way?


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      Can you post a picture MyDay?


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        Sorry. I dont post pictures, you would all stop sending pictures becaus of envy :P

        jokes aside ... I typed the post abow with a ipad, so the explaination was not very good.
        Im a CI-3, and just at the edge where the foreskinn sometimes travels on top of the corona, and the corona is my most problematic part.
        I can make the skin stay ½ ince down the glans, using tape .. and after 10 seconds I forget that I applyed the tape .. urination is normal ... etc.
        The minus is that it only stretches the skin on the outer parts of the penis, not the skin that would to be the inner parts of the restored forskinn.
        Im not sure if this metod will make my skin grow, or in a manner that is good, but it helps me protecting the corona and parts of glans very easily ...
        I only do manual tugging now, becaus if I use any device .. the corona colapses forwards.
        I hope to start using devices again at later point, and I suppose it is a question of technich and getting accostumed to it


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          Originally posted by Smertrios View Post
          Also the silicone tube style penis extenders might be used in a similar way?
          I dont know about this metod?


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            MyDay - give your taping arrangement a good try. It generally takes some months before skin growth is noted.

            Two comments.
            1. I guess that you pull the skin towards your belly while putting the tape around it. Is there a region of skin (close to your belly) which is NOT under tension? This skin would not be encouraged to grow. Other methods tension near all of the skin on a penis.
            2. Do you trap pubic hair under the tape? If so, is it uncomfortable? Or is the tape then difficult to remove?

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