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Some starter questions.

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  • Some starter questions.

    Just started using the tlc-x with the tugger strap (after spending some time wearing it just as it is; and so far putting it on is honestly a bit of a hassle but been feeling ok with it.) I assume it will get easier in a few months when I get some more length.

    With the comfort tugger; when I attach one end to the collar; the slight buckle of the blue rod is fine I assume.

    Also; wanted to check and see if anyone uses moisturizers. I usually put some moisturizer on my penis as daily care (vitamin e oil and some face moisturizer) and can't really follow up with it while I'm wearing the tlc-x I assume; I can bunch my skin to cover the tlc-x cone when I put it on, but when I put the cone I can only cover about half of the cone for now. I don't want to lose any grip so moisturizing/oiling is out of the question for before application, but wanted to see if anyone is coupling up their restoration with any topical. (Or honestly; I don't know if there is any supplement that promotes skin growth; which would also help with a few piercings I'm stretching right now 😆)

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    It should become easier with about 6 months. I'd suggest you test without the strap every 6 weeks or so. I have periodically used a moisturizer on my penis. Not daily. If I am transparent with you: When I've been a bit rough with myself masturbating. Although that was much more of a problem when I had none or a minimally restored foreskin.
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      Some use moisturizers, some do not, some do sometimes. I have not. I doubt that the ointments you can buy over the counter in the US will have any effect other than to help keep moisture in and perhaps help repair the skin form minor issues, but unlikely to help skin grow in any significant way.

      The theory we are working under is that tension triggers the cells to grow more cells. After being triggered, the cells then go through a series of physiological processes that result in more skin. It is unlikely that ointment or lotion applied to the surface of the skin would cause more cells to be triggered, or in some fashion cause the physiological processes to proceed at a faster rate.


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        I use Aveeno lotion on my penis at night. That way it’s all soaked in by morning. Any other kind of lotion and my devices slip off the next day until I wash my penis and skin cone.
        Yes devices will be cumbersome to put on at first. A few months practice and it will be fast and comfortable. I’m at the 1 year and have several more to go, but you will experience progress and it gets easier to put on.