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Sudden Trouble Applying Tension

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  • Sudden Trouble Applying Tension

    I've been using the TLC-X for around half a year now and have recently been having trouble applying any tension at all. When my skin is wet I can push the plunger in quite far, but in it's natural state I am lucky to get a quarter of that distance before it feels like going any further will tear my skin. It seems like I may have gotten more moist what with all the new skin that's coming in, and this "moistness" is making it difficult to apply pressure.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Do you use lubricant?

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    Always apply a freshly washed device to freshly washed skin.

    When I tug with the TLC-X I sometimes put a smear of lotion on the edge of the pusher so it won't bind in my skin tube as I extend the pusher. Of course it's a fine line between too much lotion that means re-washing and starting over, and not enough that won't have the intended effect. A very tiny amount was effective, though.
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      I use a miniscule amount of lube and coat it to the tlc x packers and body. I also use drinking water on a mini spray bottle of lubricate the tlc x. Well if your on the higher CI this may work for you.

      You can use lotion too, but I don't like the idea of using lotion on mucous membrane since they can absorb the lotion....Well maybe that's me being too cautious...