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Manhood tugging sleeve prevents device loosening

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  • Manhood tugging sleeve prevents device loosening

    Hey guys,

    I was recently browsing online for some new Manhood sleeves, and decided to order a new version, called the Manhood tugging sleeve:

    It's a longer sleeve with a velcro fastener on either side. The purpose of it is to create more comfort for those of us that either use straps or weights with our tugging devices (the latter being my preference) by providing a smooth surface between the device and your leg. This is something that had never really bothered me, but I thought 'what the hell, I'll try it.' It's definitely more comfortable without the end of the rod occasionally poking into me, but I immediately discovered an additional purpose...

    I love my TLC-X. The one small issue I've had, though - which I've heard some others mention - is that the outer retaining cone can slip if you bend or sit a certain way, because the cone is 'catching' against the skin of your leg or pants, eventually loosening altogether and resulting in a trip to the bathroom to remove and reapply. However, by wearing the Manhood tugging sleeve, the smooth material removes the friction that can occur between the cone and your skin.

    I've been wearing it for a few days now, and the cone hasn't slipped once.

    Sidenote: I have seen Parsecskin's suggestion of using a grommet, and actually went to a hardware store to get one and try it out, but I couldn't find the right size. I'm happy with this solution, though.

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