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    Hi all,

    Im fairly new to restoring (though i have known about it for several years). I've been using my tlc-x for about 3 weeks for 8 hours a day at work. So far it has really been easy and its starting to become part of my routine. I have only used the pusher rod to tug. Im a loose C-1 and a shower so the pusher rod has created a good amount of tension and i feel like i'm growing skin.

    Is it possible to fully restore just using the strapless method. I don't think i could use straps at work and it honestly just seems like a real pain to deal with. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Im inspired by all the support on this form. Restoration will be long and challenging but if it keeps going like the past 3 weeks it just might be possible.

    Thanks everyone I'm looking forward to reading and posting more.

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    If your a ci-1, I think that's okay. I've heard users even just using the TLC x with the the TLC selects.

    But when you level up on the CI Not using straps with the TLC X may not give you enough tension.


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      Thanks for the reply. Im not positive i am a ci-1, sometimes i have a bunch of skin behind the corona and other times i don't. When erect i could barely force my skin to the base of my corona. I know i have a long way to go. I think i can get away with bi directional tugging for a long time.


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        Originally posted by ericmooray
        I have only used the pusher rod to tug.
        I recommend weights or straps when possible. Relying on only the pusher means you can easily get plenty of tension in the inner facing skin, but outer-facing skin tension would be limited to that which you can trap during application. When you're wrestling that skin into place and gripping it with the retaining before it slips out of reach, you may settle for a less-than-perfect application, or wind up re-applying more often. You're not tensioning reproducibly, so you can't really follow the 4-Hour Rule:

        PLUS if you need to stretch the skin during application you don't really have control over which part of your skin tube falls at the skinny part of the device unless you use TLC Selects to fine device length.

        Originally posted by ericmooray
        Is it possible to fully restore just using the strapless method.
        -Ron Low
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