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Head skin sticking to TLCX

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    Originally posted by Madskulls View Post

    I think you can fix that by adding some kind of lube on your glens. Not sure if that might help you or not.

    I have been using eurcein now. That has stopped the sticking, but I still get the white ring. I think it's from too much tension. When I let off the rubber band, but keep the TLCX on the pain fades quickly. I never used to get that pain. Now I'm using light tension and see poor results.


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      You need to tilt the device towards your pubic region a little more. You have to offset the angle. Right now you're favoring your frenulum more. Center your device by tilting it back and make it in a straight line with your shaft when applying. I use to have this problem but not after changing the position. Plus, you may be putting too much tension on. After correct application you should only have to push the rod down maybe 1/2" to 3/4" max.