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Using TLC-X and so excited, However.....

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  • Using TLC-X and so excited, However.....

    I just received the TLC-X. I'm so excited about restoring. I've really researched it and watched all of Ron Low's appearances on TV and radio programs. I think he's brilliant. However, I don't know if I have enough skin on my penis for the TLC-X. I can force no skin over my erect penis and to get skin over my flaccid glans requires me to push it way inside me. I don't know really how to explain it. But after I push it into my skin it's only about 3 inches I would say. I then apply the device to that skin. Is that ok? I just want to know that I am doing it correctly to get results. Please anyone with advice hit me up....especially the man himself. Ron.

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    That is ok to get started with. What you can do is not use the push plate to push down and just use the tension from the rolled/forced over skin. In a few weeks your skin will naturally loosen up and you'll be able to do more.


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      Originally posted by wtf1112 View Post
      I don't know if I have enough skin on my penis for the TLC-X.
      We like to roll skin up to cover the whole tugger body before applying the retaining cone. If you can't with the Pusher in place, you could pull out the Pusher and Rod and use it as a simple strapped or weighted tugger for a few months.

      -Ron Low
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      847 414-1692 Chicago


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        Thx for the advice guys