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First week of tugging report... (TLC Tugger)

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  • First week of tugging report... (TLC Tugger)

    I starting tugging with my TLC tugger one week ago. Here is a quick report of my experience so far:

    It looks like it might hurt but it doesn’t – at least not for me, once I started using it properly.

    The cone over the head seems too narrow and I have had a quick learning curve on the proper technique to get it on: don’t assume the “centre” point of the head of the glans is the urethra! (It’s not, the “centre” is geographically closer to the belly button). I read this in another forum post and I confirm this is important to consider when applying the cone successfully.

    The suggestion to use lotion on the inner cone which comes into contact with the glans is really important. The first day I ignored this, thinking it would cause everything to slip apart. Wrong: without it the chaffing of the edge of the rubber cone against the skin is too severe. I have my own solution, though: Pure Aloe Vera gel.

    Every penis is different and in a flaccid state mine has no resistance whatsoever. So, when I apply the cone and attempt to push the skin around it, I end up with the force on the cone compressing my penis into nothing. Wearing the device shortens my manhood by 50% (luckily temporarily!). It is a very tricky application process, as a result. I’m hoping to try putting it on with a semi-erection to see if this simplifies the procedure.

    The first couple of days had two interesting psychological effects: I had the desire to urinate frequently, requiring frequent dismantling, I imagine due to the apparatus hanging there. With time I have adjusted to this and no long have the constant urge to pee.

    The second was as I was constantly thinking about my penis, I became perpetually horny!

    I have the same problem as other men: as the top cone which holds the skin in place is much larger (to account for an erection), I have great difficulty putting it over the scrunched up skin. I’ve read that some have cut the extra length off theirs (ironic!). I was going to do the same thing, but found – before reading the forums – I could simply fold back the bottom of the cone to apply it. Once in place, I put the flaps down over the skin. This works fast and easy and means I don’t have to permanently modify it.

    We had a warm sunny day on day 3 and I wanted to wear shorts while tugging, but with the strap visible around my knee – despite living in San Francisco – I didn’t want to attract unnecessary attention. So, I made my own weight system. I attached a key ring to the wire loop of the tugger’s cone and then added metal washers from the hardware store onto the key ring. I’ve added a decent amount of weight this way and got to wear shorts all day!

    All that detail aside, tugging has been easily accommodated into my lifestyle. Just note: the strap and weights have almost no effect while seated. Or, I haven’t found a way to get any tugging sensation while seated; I’ll need to work on that! And I do a lot of sport/exercise and it doesn’t appear to be something that can be done during exercise. I am going to find a pair of loose, long-leg running pants. Even if successful, I don’t know if I’ll enjoy that; I love running in skimpy shorts (or naked – but that’s another story!).

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    It will all be second nature soon. I see you may have run a naked 5k...on my bucket list


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      Originally posted by weber View Post
      I see you may have run a naked 5k...on my bucket list
      Yes, three of them, in fact. And Bay to Breakers naked 12k. And much more. See