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Device Advice - TLC Tugger vs TLCX

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  • Device Advice - TLC Tugger vs TLCX

    Ive been restoring for over a year using the CAT Q II device. I haven't seen the results I expected. Im thinking its time to switch it up with a new device? Wondering if anyone has recommendations on whether the TLC tugger or the TLCX is the way to go?

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    You've told us what you "haven't seen", ie what you expected. So, after more than a year, what have you seen? A year won't bring anything dramatic, so maybe your expectations were off a bit.

    You are depending on your device to be the deciding factor in results. It isn't. None of them are. Devices are convenient, they fit into your lifestyle allowing you to tug while being occupied with other tasks; that's what devices can do. But they aren't magical, or the deciding factor for results. If your current device puts cycles of tension on your skin, day after day, year after year, and it fits into your tugging day, then you already have the right one. You're free to change out, guys do that sooner or later because it all gets boring. But the real deciding factors are cycles of tension, and endurance, year after year. Those are the only influences on getting your skin to do its built-in response.


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      If you've been using a CAT II, then get the X model. It's more versatile. Get all the spacer and longer rod things too and extra retaining cones.


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        I've brought the X model with all the extra spacers and longer rod etc. and so far I'm happy with it. Although I'm nowhere near the stage to be able to use all the extras (not enough skin), but I have them for when I am ready. Only being "tugging" with it for just over two months and so far the skin appears to be doing its thing and growing as a result. Would like it to go faster of course, but it is what it is.
        As Info has said, it's all about cycling the tension that keeps the growth happening. A bit like weight training, regular intervals of tension stimulates the body's responses to adjust. Weight training, building up the muscles; skin tension, grow more skin. Like weight training, there seems to be a lot of "bro-science" going on and opinions on how to speed things up, so it is always good to learn the medical facts as to how it all works.


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          Thanks for the helpful responses. Good for me to have input before making a purchase. I have seen change with the device I'm currently using. When I started out it was difficult to even force a small amount of skin over my glans. Now I get about half of the head covered on its own most of the time. At other times the skin bunches up behind the corona but it's still progress. I still think it is a good idea for me to give something else a try. A slight change might be what I need to move past the rut I'm in behind the corona.


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            If it improves your outlook, increases your interest, then buy something else. You'll make two people happy : ) Otherwise, the one you have now is working fine.